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New Deck?

3 months 1 week ago - 3 months 1 week ago #5797 by GG
New Deck? was created by GG

Is there any players here who prefer to play the fast & furious basic single 70 cards deck but who miss some of the nice ideas of the GMT 5th edition like the stronger power of the Leaders?

Would you like to play with the base 70 deck but with 3x "Take Command any Section" from the 5th Edition making it a 73 deck (then having 7 cards concerning the Leaders instead of the basic 4)?

Or would you be ready for a real new "Beta Deck" (or 'Dream Deck" lol). That would be a single deck (to keep the speed and simplicity of the 70 deck) but including some new cards (with new texts) to add the best ideas of the GMT 5th edition then making it between 70 to 80 cards?

Or do you like the official decks whichever you use? TY

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2 months 4 weeks ago #5812 by GG
Replied by GG on topic New Deck?
Exemple of page to print for the foreigners who don not speak english have to translate them ... While sometime changing them a little bit ... ;)
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