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2 years 1 month ago #5506 by tshryock
I have a scenario from the 1809 campaign I would like to translate to CC:N, but am not quite sure how to handle a particular aspect of it.

In the battle, an Austria screening force is arrayed across the battlefield, protecting another portion of the Austrian army that is moving down a road behind the screen to cross a bridge to safety.

I'm curious as to how you think I should handle the retreating force.

Some general thoughts so far:

*the road would be part of the terrain and as long as units stay on the road, could move one extra hex. (Or maybe they should just have to stay on the road with no movement bonus?)
*The retreating force -- assumed to be in road column -- would follow the lead unit and move as one, unless a unit moved off the road, or took casualties. At that point, the affected unit would be assumed to deploy and not be able to move with the group any longer.

I'm not sure on how often the retreating force should move. Should I use the Scout card? The extra movement via the tactician cards (the ones with 3 stars - forget what its called)? Just treat the lead unit on the road normally and activate it using a command in whatever section it happens to be in?

I want the road column to have a "slow and steady" feel so the French feel the pressure to catch the quarry before it escapes, and if the French can break through the screen, should disrupt its movement quite a bit.

Any thoughts or ideas? Similar scenarios (even in other CC games) I'm not aware of?



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2 years 1 month ago #5507 by Mark-McG
well I think I would have the retreating force off map, so the combat would be the French attackers vs the Austrian screening force.

French would get Exit VP for units exited off the Austrian Base line, and the Austrians would get Time Pressure Objectives, a banner for each Scout Card played.

This would do away with a lot of movement that has no relevance to the battle, plus the need for a road terrain.

If you MUST have a retreating column, look at MacDonald's Square scenario for how the Square moves.

Krasnoi is another retreating column scenario, though not really a very good model

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