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1 year 6 months ago #5488 by christolockxxx
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I just played a very short introduction game to re-familiarize myself with the nuances of the rules using your Solo rules. And I got my ass handed to me by my AI opponent. Mind you, my cards coming up were not the best but if it was a human opponent i would have been embarassed at my showing tonight. Thanks for re-invigorating a great game for someone needing solo rules.
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1 year 6 months ago #5489 by tshryock
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One other way I have played solo is to have a "order delay" mechanism, which usually consists of five cards. Start the game with each side's number of command cards and put five cards face down in the order they should be played, then draw each side back up to their command hand size without looking.
For the first turn, reveal the first card for side A and play out the turn. When done, choose the card from the hand you want to play, and place it face down at the end of the row (becoming card #5 where you are always playing card #1 and everything slides one slot at the end of the turn). Draw a new card for the command hand but don't look at it.
Move to side B and reveal their first card from the row, play the turn, slide the cards up one slot and place a replacement card in slot #5, then draw a new card for the hand without looking at it.
What you end up with is a 5-card delay before your orders are implemented for both sides. You see an opportunity, order the cavalry charge, placing the card in slot #5. But it isn't revealed -- or acted on -- until it slides into slot #1. Unless you are good at remembering cards - and I am not -- you can get some surprises when you reveal the card you put into motion 5 cards ago. It's also a bit of fun to see an opportunity, play a card, then have the situation change before it gets implemented. Suddenly, a cavalry charge is a really bad idea, but the orders have been given and there's not much you can do about it.
Hope that makes sense.

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