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Open Tournament 2017 Round 5

1 week 4 days ago #5069 by Mark-McG
Mark-McG created the topic: Open Tournament 2017 Round 5
Open Tournament 2017 Round 5

Open Tournament 2017 Round 5

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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5 days 8 hours ago - 5 days 8 hours ago #5070 by Mark-McG
Mark-McG replied the topic: Open Tournament 2017 Round 5
Mark McG vs sansmerci
The day of the Red Dice

Game 1
Mark McG (Allies): 2
sansmerci (French): 6
I spent the game shooting at French ART, with some good effect. Hand full of Left cards meant I had great concern about my ability to respond to French attacks. So concerned I used a Scout to draw 2 cards, rather than a Guerilla!
When the French assault came, it was brutal, Spanish ART lift straight off. The Spanish riposte was ineffective, and cost an LC. French cavalry kept coming straight up the centre and my squares started dying. I had nothing for the centre, but I did manage to get a French LN with my artillery. At 4-1 I knew it was GM time, and mangaged to bag a LT before the French infantry closed in for the slaughter. Game took 1.5 hours.

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Game 2
Mark McG (French): 6
sansmerci (Allies): 1

Whole lot of artillery fire as the French struggled to get moving almost anywhere. Eventually with 4 Left cards out of 5, I moved the cavalry to the left and drove into the Spanish line. End result was the French cavalry was written down to 1 strength units that got away, which the Spanish lost 1 LC, 1 HC, 1 ART & 1 LN. The whole time the right flank saw a vicious exchange of artillery fire, which eliminated a French LT, and also wrote down the French HC there, and the British ART & GG to 1 strength units. All the 1 strength units headed for the rear.

I finally started getting Centre cards (or rather cards I could use in the Centre, not actual Centre cards), and a Forched March managed to get the Centre infantry forward. A follow up bayonet charge managed to bag an LN with 2 attacks, and the final Leader Inspired attack on an ART unit scored 4 hits out of 5 (3 Red dice)for the match.. Took us close to 2 hours, mainly because not really much to work with cardwise till the end. 2 Guerrilla markers played.

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Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
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4 days 20 hours ago #5071 by sansmerci
sansmerci replied the topic: Open Tournament 2017 Round 5
Round 5
The games where just as Mark said. I have never seen as many red arty rolls as Mark got in the second game must have been close to 50% it seemed like. Everyone of his cavalry at the end was down to 1 block but the Spanish are poor shooters and could not get one to die for the tie.

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2 days 1 hour ago #5076 by Bangla
Bangla replied the topic: Open Tournament 2017 Round 5
Game 1
Bangla (Allies): 6
GGottoman (French): 5

Wow! This was one fast game. The Spanish started with no movement cards, only Leadership, Bombard, Cold Steel and 2 x Fire & Hold. Great to start a defensive battle, but then not possible to react well afterwards. My Bombard took out a LT in the centre as a good start. But Greg attacked, as per the French should, on their left and I forgot to play my guerrilla counter when he charged with his cavalry. Fortunately, he was sucked in, my right held, and I was able to counter-attack strongly with the guerrilla counter to send him packing. I was 3-1 up by this time. Where would he attack next? Well, he came through the centre with his infantry, took out four of my units and was on the brink of victory. A counter with lots of artillery in combined arms killed off three LN's though, and the Spanish won the battle by a whisker. A good fight, which lasted only about an hour ... fast and furious!

Return match on Sunday, 21st January.

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