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Epic Waterloo

7 months 3 weeks ago - 7 months 3 weeks ago #4548 by GG
GG created the topic: Epic Waterloo
Hello, Here is a first try of Waterloo Epic (20x11) with the Prussians arriving during the battle.
I made it with the agreement of Bayernkini to use his MD18 as a base of changes into an Epic board size.

Allies Army*
• Commander: Wellington
• 6 Command Cards
• 5 Tactician Cards (optional)
*The brown units represent the Nassau, Brunswick, Hanover and Dutch units.
Use the brown blocks and apply all Portuguese rules for those Allied troops.

French Army
• Commander: Napoleon
• 6 Command Cards
• 5 Tactician Cards (optional)
• Move First

Victory = 15 banners

Special Rules
• Hougoumont, La Haye Sainte, Papelotte (with blue border) are each
one Temporary Victory Banner Turn Start for the French player.
• Prussian Reinforcements:
The Allies player rolls 2 dice at start of each of his turn.
For each INF symbol, the timeline for the Prussian arrival, increases by 1.
If the timeline reach 8, the Prussian reinforcements arrive.
The Prussian Force consists of 3x LN, 2 RI, 2x LT, 2x LC, 1x LNCR, 1x HA
and one LDR (Blücher) plus 2 Iron Will Markers and 2 Tactical cards.
The Allies player must setup all units and Blücher (attached) in any of the
grey marked hexes (in adjacend hexes, if all possible marked hexes are
occupied by enemy troops). All Prussians, which will ordered after this
setup because of a played command card, may move and/or battle as normal.
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7 months 3 weeks ago - 7 months 3 weeks ago #4549 by GG
GG replied the topic: Epic Waterloo
I made some littles changes here and there all with 2 main goals:
(1) Try to stick to historical terrain & units numbers
(2) Provide some good playability and some balance

About the (1) it's strange the way each country seems to have his own version about the troops numbers and quality!
Here for example it's said the French were more numerous (so it's a compliment to the British victory) but of much less quality than the foreign historians seems to say (only the guard were OK but the rest was new soldiers "Marie Louises" with few experience, all the best being killed in Russia and all around Europe) ...
So the Starting ratio was around Allies 80 vs French 90
To finish when Blucher arrived around Allies 130 vs French 90 ...
So while the original game Prussian reinforcement were 10 Prussian units, the historical ration should be 16
but I only add 1 more unit (plus 2 tactical cards) for the reason (2): Playability and historical two time arrival.
I also used the bigger board to show the wings and their general position (curve on the French left etc.)

About (2) I already created the historic "grand-battery" plus the lines in better position to attack through the deadly no man's land. Notice that this game do not allows the INF to advance through their own ART while attacking ... So having a grand battery in front of many INF do not help much and may not help in playability. My goal would be this scenario to be around 70% Allied balanced.
I don't pretend at all that it's the case now but remember that we MUST NOT judge a scenario before MANY tries!
Any first impressions after 2 or 3 tries (even 3 massacres) may be completely changing the very next try!
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4 months 4 days ago #4828 by harmon
harmon replied the topic: Epic Waterloo
Now played twice . victory one each.

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