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OT 2018 Quarter Finals

3 weeks 2 days ago #5684 by Mark-McG
Open Tournament 2018
Quarter Finals
Due: 31 March 2019

OT 2018 Quarter Finals

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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3 weeks 1 day ago #5685 by CaptTonio
Replied by CaptTonio on topic OT 2018 Quarter Finals
Good luck to all!

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1 week 12 hours ago #5700 by mantra
Replied by mantra on topic OT 2018 Quarter Finals
French (g1ul10) 4 banners
Austria (mantra) 8 Banners

The command cards didn't work out in favor of the French for their lead start and they did a little positional shuffle on their left. Action was primarily on that side for 5-6 plays. The Austrians took a few hits on the heights but were able to wear down the French more than they themselves. The boys in white were a little lucky here on their draws and were able to top deck 3 take command cards in a row. Eventually both sides ran out of cards on that side and then the Austrians began the push on the French left, scoring some hits, but more importantly forcing the French to retreat in detail. This gave the Austrians, with their 5 pip Inf on the hills a very commanding position. With the Austrians in command of the heights, and only 2 banners away from victory, they started to push hard on both flanks to close out the game. Giulio played well, but the early cards were not in his favor to attack and the dice played their evil game on him during a few important rolls. There are 2 files (Giulio had a little lunch break), the last one seems to not load, perhaps Giulio can upload that one.

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File Name: Game1_2019-03-13.vlog
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1 week 6 hours ago - 1 week 6 hours ago #5701 by Mark-McG
Replied by Mark-McG on topic OT 2018 Quarter Finals
Game 1
Mark McG (French): 8
Greg O (Austrian): 5

Bloody fight over the ridgeline

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File Name: OT18QFG1.vlog
File Size:65 KB

Game 2
Greg O (French): 8
Mark McG (Austrian): 3

Austrian paralysis on the Left let the French capitalise on their excellent start. La Grande Manoeuver seized the middle ridge for the win.

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File Name: OT18QFG2.vlog
File Size:58 KB

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
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4 days 11 hours ago - 4 days 1 hour ago #5708 by mantra
Replied by mantra on topic OT 2018 Quarter Finals
Game 2
Austria (g1ul10) 6 banners
French (mantra) 8 Banners

The battle started with the French pushing on their right, trying to gain a toe hold there, but were promptly beaten back in detail. No to be deterred, the French switch the attack to their left and were once again stymied. At this point things were not looking good for the French. They were badly mauled and Austrians held the heights. I think at this time the army in white were 1 banner away from victory. The French then said screw it and focused on Banners with the idea of upping up their banner count for the final count in the tourney....and what do you know...the French slowly started to crawl back into the game and then finally to take the win with a Grand Maneuver card in the end. Moral of the battle...never give up. Especially when cards, dice and a little pluck are involved.

File Attachment:

File Name: game2_2019-03-16.vlog
File Size:81 KB
Last edit: 4 days 1 hour ago by mantra. Reason: attachment problem/banner reporting error

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4 days 2 hours ago #5710 by g1ul10
Replied by g1ul10 on topic OT 2018 Quarter Finals
It's irrelevant, but just for the record, the Austrian final score was 6.

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3 days 1 hour ago - 1 hour 7 minutes ago #5715 by RiverWanderer
French (RiverWanderer) 8 banners
Austrians (ToganAlper) 5 Banners [we mixed up the hill majority banners, giving the Austrians 6 (1 banner too many) in the game as played]

After both armies exhausted their forces around the central ridge (French right), the action switched to the flanks. The Austrians aggressive with a combined cavalry and infantry assault on the French left, the French likewise in pursuing Grenzer units on the Austrian left.

The French were fortunate in having a strong riposte to the Austrian assault and fortunate again, when luck betrayed the Austrians on their final turn, resulting in the loss of a critical unit, so yielding two banners and the battle to the French.

Thanks to Togan for a close fought game. Looking forward to round 2 in a few days' time.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2019QF-R...-17.vlog
File Size:67 KB
Last edit: 1 hour 7 minutes ago by RiverWanderer. Reason: Correction to Austrian banners.

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2 days 3 hours ago - 2 days 3 hours ago #5717 by Stanislav27
Replied by Stanislav27 on topic OT 2018 Quarter Finals
Bangla (Austrians): 6 victory banners
Stanislav27 (French): 8 victory banners

A very tense and closely-fought battle. The French had very good cards throughout. The Austrians started with stunning dice rolls, which were evened out by the end, and they were plagued by a weak selection of cards for large portions of the battle.

The battle commenced with a somewhat poorly executed French assault on the Austrian left. The Grenzers were halved in strength and send fleeing, but the attack on the ridge proved disastrous. An Austrian First Strike obliterated an entire full-strength French Line Infantry unit in one roll! Afterwards, a French Light Infantry unit was obliterated at point blank range by the Austrian battery, which scored three hits at once. Another French Line unit was reduced to a quarter of its strength. All Austrian units maintained cohesion, though one Line Infantry unit was reduced to a fifth of its starting strength. 5-0

Following this debacle, the French fell back and regrouped on their right, while pushing a few units forward on the opposite flank. The Austrians likewise spent the time maneuvering units into place.

In the subsequent attack, the French managed to destroy the Austrian artillery battery and the first ridge was now ripe for the taking. A French Light Infantry unit seized the extreme right of the hill formation. Soon thereafter, French infantry and horse artillery occupied the left side of the ridge too. The French would not relinquish this strategic objective for the rest of the battle, though it would be hotly contested. 3-3

A lull ensued on the French right, while the Austrians attacked the French left. The French held their ground as their comrades deployed further forward in the centre. A blunder by the French general (who forgot that Horse Artilley cannot fire after moving when reduced to one block!) meant that the valiant French Horse Artillery was destroyed. The French managed to avenge their fallen comrades by finishing off an Austrian Line Infantry unit that had been subjected to a lot of accurate fire from light Infantry and artillery on the far left of the battlefield.

In the next phase of the clash, the Austrians moved fresh units forward on both flanks, while the French strengthened their hold of the left side of the first ridge with two of Destabenrath's line infantry units. The French line infantry units coordinated their attack to destroy Bieber's advanced Line Infantry unit. The subsequent Austrian counter-attack (assisted by light cavalry) cost many French casualties - both on the left and in the centre, but the units did not break. 4-5

This moment of resilience was crucial. The French unleashed a deadly bayonet charge on their next move. On the left, a depleted unit was moved back behind the ridge. On the right, two line infantry units occupied the ridge. And on the extreme right, a somewhat impetuous charge sought to destroy a severely depleted Austrian infantry unit that had withdrawn to the second ridge. This depleted unit was destroyed, while two full-strength Austrian line infantry units were each reduced to two fifths of their initial strength.

Stuck with many commands for the right, but few for the other sections of the battlefield, the Austrian cavalry charged again. It managed to shatter the fragile square of the depleted French infantry unit on the left, but its cavalry breakthrough was not enough to take it to the relative safety of Teugen. On the subsequent turn, the French executed a merciless combined arms attack on the isolated cavalrymen. Surrounded and unable to retire and reform, they were cut down, the field strewn with mutilated men and beasts. 5-7

The Austrian retribution for this slaughter came swiftly. The impetuous French infantrymen on the far right who stood isolated on the second ridge were subjected to an Austrian combined arms attack that left no Frenchman standing. However, the French were able to complete the victory on the very next turn by finishing off one of the weakened Austrian infantry units immediately behind the right part of the first ridge. 6-8


Thanks to Bangla for a very interesting battle. He played very well, given the circumstances, and one point I felt very demoralized - especially by my poorly prepared first attack and the needless sacrifice of my horse artillery. But it is a good scenario that truly captures the feeling of fighting over a hotly contested objective. Nothing is settled yet and I look forward to the rematch.

File Attachment:

File Name: StanvsBangla1.vlog
File Size:81 KB
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2 hours 9 minutes ago - 2 hours 5 minutes ago #5726 by RiverWanderer
French (ToganAlper) 3 Banners
Austrians (RiverWanderer) 8 banners

The French opened up with a four unit Bayonet Charge against the Austrians on the the central ridge (French right), soon wiping out the Austrian Foot Artillery. However, the Austrian Line infantry hung on long enough to deplete the attackers and then to repel them, supported by fire from the rear-ward ridge. A second Austrian Foot Artillery unit and another line unit were brought up to keep this section in Austrian control.

As the centre fought to a stand-still, Austrian Grenzers had been harassing the French right and these were at last pushed back, but swiftly an Austrian Force March brought over-whelming reinforcements to bear, and threatened to break this flank.

Meanwhile, on the French left, a steady game of cat and mouse had been unfolding; French and Austrians alike taking their time to get into position, seemingly daring each to attack. The French had the upper hand initially, gaining the two banner majority for the central ridge and harassing the Austrian centre with Horse Artillery, causing the loss of their General M.Liechtenstein. However, now French General Friant made a foolhardy advance, perhaps to unite his command for a future move. Austrian Light Cavalry saw their opportunity and pounced. Their boldness was rewarded with a leader banner, damage to the French Horse Artillery and a lucky escape back to Austrian lines.

A second attack by Austrian Light Cavalry soon followed, spear-heading an advance onto the hills, demolishing the French Artillery. A French counter-attack was ineffective, allowing the Austrian Light Cavalry to retire and reform on the hill, bringing the battle to conclusion with the Austrians back in majority possession of the central ridge and the two banners needed for victory.

Thanks to Togan for an exciting game.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT18QFA308TAvsRW.vlog
File Size:83 KB
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