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OT 2018 Round 3

5 months 3 weeks ago #5588 by Stanislav27
Replied by Stanislav27 on topic OT 2018 Round 3
Mike (scipio1zama), thanks a lot for two exciting games and two very accurate and candid accounts of the battles. It was a thrilling experience, and after my dismal start in the first game, snatching that 1 point (and almost making it to 1.5 points) almost felt like a victory. A long and bloody engagement, that second one, for sure.

Thanks a lot and good luck with the next round!

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5 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 2 weeks ago #5589 by g1ul10
Replied by g1ul10 on topic OT 2018 Round 3
Game 2
g1ul10 – French - 7 Victory Banners
RiverWanderer - Allies - 2 Victory Banners

Frenches advance in the center and right sections. The Allies steal the initiative on the French right thanks to an accurate rifle fire, but a nasty tactician card stops their well-organized advance (for the record, I do not like tactician cards also when they help me). The French counter-attack is bloody and the British lose control of that part of the battlefield. The following action is mainly in the center. Like in the previous game, the early elimination of the British cavalry allows the French heavy cavalry to run around with impunity. The British seem not to believe in squares and pay it dearly. I did not have very good cards, but a steady supply of different section cards allowed me to retain mobility everywhere. On average, good rolls on both sides, but mine were more decisive. I think these were the first games I played with Mark. I really appreciated his fair play, sportsmanship, and competence. I'm looking forward to play with him again.

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