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MT18 1809 or 1862

11 months 1 week ago #5331 by Gonzo
Replied by Gonzo on topic MT18 1809 or 1862
Round 4
310 Eggmühl - Day1 (21 April 1809)
Gonzo (Austrians) 6 banners
Togan (French) 3 banners
Austrians took objective town and little else went on that front. The Austrians shifted to the left and a fight over woods developed with wildly swinging fortunes. Dice were consistently inconsistent. Austrians finished game with 3 1 point line inf on back line. Could easily have gone other way. Thanks to Togan for hard fought match.

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9 months 3 weeks ago - 9 months 3 weeks ago #5390 by Mark-McG
Replied by Mark-McG on topic MT18 1809 or 1862
MT18 Final
Played Game 1 last night vs Joe
Scenario: DM01 Sacile (16 April 1809)
Mark McG (Austrians): 6 (29 blocks lost)
Gonzo (French): 5 (27 blocks lost)

An interesting scenario, where the board is diagonally divided in two by a river. Both sides have forces on both banks of the river, each with a large force facing a smaller force. Victory to an extent hangs on bringing the larger force into action, and for both of us, it was easier to bring the small force into attack.

The fortunes of war were pretty evenly divided until a poor French die roll, and a fortunate 2d Leader loss check. At that point the Austrians surged ahead 5-2, but the riposte, and especially a Grand Battery bombardment by 2 Austrian Guard artillery brought the score back to 5-5 with two Austrian leaders passing 1d leader loss rolls. Austrians managed to grab the last banner, so ultimately the game revolved around the lucky leader check on the French leader.

A pretty good scenario in my view.

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Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.
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9 months 2 weeks ago #5419 by Gonzo
Replied by Gonzo on topic MT18 1809 or 1862
MT18 Final
Game 2
Scenario: DM01 Sacile (16 April 1809)
Mark McG (French): 5 (26 blocks lost)
Gonzo (Austrians): 6 (25 blocks lost)
Very close game and match. French seized town on left which was never challenged by the Austrians. The Austrians advanced in middle and then Cav charged. French center well defended with Cannister and inf fire first, eventually killing 1 HC and sending 1 pt off to back row the next turn. However enough got through to kill a French art in return for one HC. The French Right flank art also killed eventually in return for Austrisn LN A French Cav charge on French left with 5 dice missed Austrisn lt cav and were killed by the bb and next turn attack. That was the critical exchange. Next French charge with inf on left, killing a LN, LC, and leader. Austrian response was Assault on that flank. A CA of 7 got a French LN even after he played the leader rr tactics card. They also killed a weakend LN there to end game. Again Mark killed a leader, this time with 1d roll., but that hurt him in total blocks. Gonzo wins match by 3 blocks. Very exciting games that could easily gone for Mark. Enjoyed the match buddy.

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