The CACCN Tournament 2016

4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #3591 by TheMP
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Standings after Game 5 - May
Vince Hughes53922+174
Wayne Baumber53233-13
Tony Reynolds53427+73
Alan Theobald53231+12
Alan Sawyer52233-112
Tony Langston52437-131
That is the table at the half-way stage. The head to heads will now have the players playing the same battle against their opponents as they did before but with the sides reversed. So 5 games each left to try and end up in the top two for the Final.
Wayne Baumber above Tony Reynolds as WB won the head to head
Alan Theobald above Alan Sawyer as AT won the head to head.
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4 years 8 months ago #3593 by AlanTheo
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Attached file of Alan & Vince battling at Friedland.

Hello Gents,

Disappointed to lose this one having got so close but perhaps after a while I will appreciate the great battle we enjoyed.
It certainly was a battle of attrition as we took 3 plus hours to complete.

Looking at the battle again I feel the key moments were the Russian cavalry attacks the first one early on to destroy my FA and the latter one which put to many of my troops into square. 3 in total.
The problem I then had was that the 3 squares were too close to the river to support the squares from both flanks. The OG were looking strong and perhaps with one more command card they would have taken the victory.

The Grand Manoeuvre card that the Russians played was very timely as Vince used this to retreat two Lights (1 block each) on his left flank whom were under severe pressure from my offensive Infantry and were closing in for the kill. Having said that my Infantry were also weak and a Russian FA was close by.
The battle certainly developed in a very different way to the two previous encounters as there really wasn't any action on my left flank which was mainly due to the French picking up predominantly all middle and right flank cards to start the game plus Vince had strengthened on his right.
Congratulations to Vince as he definitely used the Russians to good effect and on a % basis of previous forum results that is definitely a victory against the stats so pressure is on for the return to get a win back

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4 years 7 months ago #3618 by Bangla
Replied by Bangla on topic The CACCN Tournament 2016
CACCN Knockout Cup 1st Round
303 Haslach-Jungingen (11 October 1805)
4 - Austrians (Tony Langston)
6 - French (Bangla)

The format of the competition is a single game knockout. One person gets to choose the scenario, the other the side. Tony chose the Haslach-Jungingen scenario from the Austrian expansion. I chose the French.

From the off I felt I had the upper hand, with my preferred French side, and a drawn hand that was great. Add to that through all the early exchanges Tony's die rolls were absolutely awful, and I was feeling very confident. My goal was to Short Supply his right flank artillery as soon as they came too close, and then take the nearby village of Bofingen and hold it with a First Strike card. But somehow he occupied by chasing my LN out of it first, my Short Supply was needed to send back the infantry, and thus his artillery posed a constant threat. Slowly he began to gain the upper hand across that sector, my only successes being to inflict hits upon some of his advanced infantry.
Then the game's focus switched to the centre and his cavalry. His CU drove my LN out of Jungingen without loss, then they survived my charge against them (5 dice, 3 flags all ignored, no hits) and sent my HC packing. Forward they came and it looked curtains for my LN and HC. But he never seemed to have the right cards (hand of 4) and I was able to pressurise him elsewhere. But when I tried to move my artillery into position ahead of playing a Bombardment card, those pesky CU's came back and killed the artillery in one melee.
He was on 4 banners by this time and there were enough battered French units around for those CU's to make the win. But no centre cards, apparently, and I was able to attack them. After many rolls against them w/o success, I rolled 3 x CAV in one attack and killed them. In an instant, the balance changed. A Grande Manoeuvre next turn got all my weak units out of harm's way, and then onto the attack. It was 4-4, so two banners needed. A Leadership card enabled my LC to take out his 1-block HA on his baseline AND reduce his advanced GR unit. With his centre cards still absent and reduced to advancing on his right, the bombardment card killed of the GR and with it I took the final banner.
Despite this being only a 6-banner scenario, the game was extremely tense throughout. Early on I was in a better position, with the better dice too :) but through the middle game Tony slowly gained the upper hand and, at one stage, I thought had the game in the bag. The end came swiftly, on the back of one roll of the dice. I think this left a very frustrated Tony, and one relieved Bangla.
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4 years 7 months ago #3646 by tlangston28
Having only 4 cards going in, my plan was to try and be patient and work the cards. What I didn't count on was the bad dice rolls early on. To me, there were three points in the game that stand out in my mind:

1. The short supply played on my LN unit. I really thought if this card was played, it was going to be on a FA unit. After I had moved into Bofingen, the short supply enabled the French to move a LN unit in along with bringing up a LC unit to support. Leaving the FA unit there allowed another LN unit to come within range and when the time was right, a melee attack launched against Bofingen destroyed the French LN and allowed the Austrian LN unit to move in. They never relinquished the town after that. That play removed a temporary banner from the French.

2. The CU attack on the LN unit in Jungingen which didn't destroy but forced a retreat. that CU unit proceeded to cause havoc in the center as it was able to take advantage of position against HC, FA and LC units in the middle, however, there was a kill zone between the woods and Jungingen where I could not leave units as it was within range of 2 LT units that could bring 10 dice to bear on any one attack if the cards were available. As for me, I ran out of center cards and kept trying to play the small flank cards in the hopes of getting better cards but never got the chance. Had I some center cards, I believe I could have won the game before the CU unit was destroyed.

3. L.G.M. What else can I say? That card was a significant play for Bangla, as I was trying to get my units into position on the right to do something but once they were able to move 4 hexes away and I wasn't able to move any center units, it was a matter of time before the French would be able to wear down my units.

Of course, Bangla could not have known that I had no center cards and remarked after the game that he would have pressed the attack had he known.

In all, a fun, tense game that went longer than I expected, though given that it was a small banner count game, we were a little more cautious in our commitments to battle.

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4 years 7 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #3652 by TheMP
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Round 6 - Jena Re-Match

Vince Hughes (Prussian) 8-6 Tony Langston (French)

The log file that Tony will attach will tell the story, but this was my turn to be the Prussians after our previous January meeting where I controlled the French. This is how I saw it from my side of the board. Obviously Tony can detail how it was on the French side of things. With just 4 cards, I decided to wait and see where the French attacks would come rather than devise some kind of pre-battle plan. The French started by moving up on their left but soon received some heavy casualties that were enough to drive them back. It included 1 banner for the Prussians knocking off a LT unit. The French right remained inactive and most action then centred around the centre. With a decent run of cards, the Prussians managed to drive up a 4-0 lead which took some time. But not un-noticed by the Prussians was the French movement of their leaders to the important units in the centre.

Then came the rather devastating French counter-attack that we'd been waiting for. It included 2 x Leadership cards being played and very soon their infantry and cuirassiers had driven forward inflicting a 5 banner loss on the Prussian centre, including an FA and mainly LN units as well as capturing two town hexes to gain an overall banner bonus for that. The Prussians countered by hemming in the French cuirassiers that had gone too far in their breakthrough and this attack secured two more banners for the Germans as the cavalrymen AND their leader were taken out. The score was by now 6-6 and the Prussians, in forcing the loss of cavalry on the French put their own lancers in danger. The French moved up to attack them with an LN and GHC and this is where I feel the French ultimately lost the battle via the wrong choice of attack. Instead of running them down with the GHC, the LN unit attacked them first. With a chance to Retire & Reform against infantry and get out of the area, the 2 block lancer unit wasted no time in taking that opportunity. This helped them escape and leave the GHC with nothing to attack.

After this incident, the Prussians were forced to take the empty town hex of Cospeda on the French right to balance up town control to 2 hexes each. This was because the French had eliminated a Prussian LT unit on their left and were leading 7-6. Taking Cospeda forced the score back to 6-6 and encouraged the French to attack again. The Prussians held on lon enough against this final wave and used a Bombard card to allow their 2 remaining batteries to fire point blank at French targets. Both succeded in eliminating the already reduced units and this meant an 8-6 Prussian win.
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4 years 7 months ago #3657 by tlangston28
Log file for Vince & Tony at Jena

File Attachment:

File Name: VinceAndTo...ena.vlog
File Size:68 KB

My plan, if able was to try and engage the Prussians to form square and reduce cards, thought i never had the chance until the end. Early on, completely bad dice rolling and 2 first strikes played by the Prussians made it look like it was going to be a wipe-out by the Prussians. These rolls included attacks where targeting artillery the roll was 4 INF and then targeting INF, I rolled 2 ART! After trying unsuccessfully to move the right flank, I positioned my leaders in the center in order to play the leadership and launch the counter attack mentioned by Vince below. I realized the mistake on the GHC and LN attack on the Lancers and tried to push the LN unit out of Cosepeda but was unsuccessful and this ultimately led to the Prussian victory.

In all, my cards were decent and even though i did have bad rolls early on and had a 4-0 deficit, i did take the lead at one point and if I had used the GHC on the Lancers, that would have given me the momentum needed. Alas, it was not to be.

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4 years 7 months ago - 4 years 7 months ago #3674 by campsawyer
Hourra Napolean a encore gagné

In the last play of the Jena scenario for the tournament, Wayne played as Hohenlohe and the Prussians, while I had Napoleon and the French. With the selecting of the cards, right off I was limited to mostly center cards and a few specials. This would force Napoleon to make an attack right against Closewitz without much preparations after first maneuvering some of the flank battalions to better positions. The main attack came when Suchet and Hilaire took three battalions right at the 2 Prussian Lines in Closewitz. The fight was tough as the French battalions reduced the Prussian Lines but at a cost a of French battalion and Sachet’s command. Hilaire formed a second attack driving a Prussian line from the field and advancing into but at a loss of another battalion. Prussian muskets opened up on the French in the town and they too were forced to retreat.

At this point Napoleon orders up more battalions, including the Light’s and the Young Guard to press the defenders of Closewitz. Firing by the Guard Artillery and the Lights drive the last Prussian Line from the field and leaving the town defenseless. But Napoleon does not have battalions ready to take the town and is force to maneuver more units from the right flank to support the center attack. During this time Hohenlohe is able to maneuver a Line, Greniader and Field Artillery to defend Closewitz. The French Lights that were positions on the sides of the town reduce both the Line and Artillery that were positioned there to defend. A second volley from the Lights forces the Line from the field. But the Prussians reduce the Young Guard to a dangerous level.
At this point the Prussians try to move on the left flank but the French artillery is in good position to stop this. Bombarding the advancing Prussians reduces their effectiveness. In the center the Guard Foot Artillery opens fire on the artillery in Closewitz, destroying it and leaving it defenseless for a second time. Hohenlohe orders the Lancers to try for the reduced Young Guard. The Guard squares up an holds against the Lancers attack.

Napoleon seizes the attack and orders a charge of the cavalry units forming in the center. The Lights under Treikhard strike a counter charge at the Prussian Lancers while the Cuirassier, Guard Heavies and Horse Artillery move up to support. The Lancers are reduced but voluntary move back to let the Horse Artillery fire at the Young Guards. They fire shot and shell at the Guardsmen, forcing it from the field and destroying Hillarie’s command. This gives the Prussians a 6-4 banner lead.

Napoleon still has the initiative and orders another Cavalry Charge to go after the Lancers and the Horse Artillery. The French Light Cavalry goes after the Lancers and Cuirassiers go after the Horse Artillery while the Guard Heavies and Horse Artillery support. The Lancers are run down by the Lights and then they go after some Prussian Lights milling around in the rear. They catch them off guard and force them from the field, evening up the banner count. The Cuirassiers overrun the Prussian Horse Artillery driving the gunners from the field. Pressing the attack they go after the Prussian Cuirassiers. They reduce and force them to retreat. This gives Napoleon a 7-6 lead in banners. The Prussians at this point have little hope and the French Cuirassiers rundown the last counterpart to get the final banner. An 8-6 win for Napoleon and the French.

Wayne played well as the Prussians, but lacked the cards in the center and the specials to counter my French attacks. He kept it close and with two significant leaders at two points in the game. But have mostly center cards and key specials made the day.

File Attachment:

File Name: JenaWayneAlan.vsav
File Size:47 KB
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4 years 7 months ago #3675 by wayneb
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This was a good hard fought battle, with Alan S deservedly running out the winner. Initially Alan's attack on the centre played into my hands as I managed to get to a lead in banners, but I soon realised that having blunted his first two waves I had very little to offer against the third attack in the centre . The Prussian player need to be able to counter the French advantage in numbers with good cards and luck, I had some luck but never enough and my cards were not helpful. In retrospect I should have launched a counterattack from my Right Flank as at one stage I had three out of four cards for that force, however my only move on that flank was squashed by a bombardment card and after that I was purely reacting to Alan's moves. So Alan jumps ahead of me in the standings (I think). Onward and upwards (or possibly downwards) to the net round.

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4 years 7 months ago #3680 by Bangla
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First of all, apologies for the delay in sending this report and logfile. Alan and I played this match last Wednesday evening, but very early Friday I was off to the Games Expo 2016 in Birmingham, and only just got back yesterday afternoon.

Jena (Morning)
Bangla (Prussians) 6
Alan Theo (French) 8

After the initial softly softly openings, I had managed to get my centre FA moved up into the line. My next play was to be a Bombard card, to pound the French line along the front. But Alan had a Bayonet Charge, he attacked the FA and the infantry in Closewitz, and the FA was eliminated without even firing a shot. Fortunately, I could play a Counterattack and Bayonet Charge him back to his starting positions, eliminating a couple of units into the bargain. When i did get to play that Bombard card, my HA took out a weakened LT in the woods with a very fortunate roll. Next it was Alan's turn to counterattack, and he took out a LN in the centre, all four blocks in one go, and reduced my right flank FA to one block. This battle was turning out to be extremely bloody with hardly any movement having happened. 4-2 up at this point, this was to be the zenith of the Prussian fortunes.
With no real artillery support, I had little choice but to pull back on my right, and simply try to hang onto Closewitz in the centre. Alan attacked down his left, forced me back with his LC, and then I tried to surround them and eliminate them in one go. I failed, and my LC were eliminated the next turn. Then he countered on the opposite flank and also killed my LT guarding the woods. I did manage to take out his HA on that flank, and the score was 5-4 Prussia. My last throw of the dice was to try and attack on my left with CU and HA. Alan formed square, I failed to break it, and he countered well with his own CU and all of a sudden my left flank was extremely vulnerable as well. With my CU gone, there looked little chance of further Prussian banners, and only a matter of time for the French to eliminate weakened or unsupported units to reach the eight needed.
Alan pressed ahead on both flanks and i couldn't see any way out of the mess. At 5-7 it was only a matter of time. At this point, I felt he only needed to pull back and use artillery fire to get that last banner through attrition from a distance. I would have had no chance to respond. But the French kept pushing forward and I was given one last chance to attack a LN unit. Forced into square by my LNCR unit, they were reduced and eliminated by fire and I gained a surprise banner before Alan struck the final nail.
I wonder whether I was too premature in advancing the artillery early on? Too aggressive? Despite losing that artillery unit though, the French never did take Closewitz and I was able to hold onto that banner for the villages.

The logfile is attached, although the first couple of card plays are missing. We forgot to start the logfile from the beginning. Oops.


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4 years 7 months ago #3686 by TheMP
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Interestingly, our 6 games in the league for Jena went exactky the way as the overall percentage of ALL Jena battles played by everybody on C&C Naps that has been recorded on this site.

The tally is a 33/67 split in French favour by all-boarders in 21 games here. Ours too was a 33/67 split with the Prussians winning 2 games and the French 4 games.

The overall banner count was French 43 banners, Prussian 33 banners so not as big a banner difference as I expected in truth.

Two players won both their games as each side and it was those players that brought the Prussian victories.

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