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Finals, part 1

Tarheel - French - 8 banners 22 casualties
Mark - Prussian - 3 banners 34 casualities

Mark was unfortunate enough to suffer the Prussian leadership for game 1, with 4 command cards to the french 6.
Initial action involved some maneuvers with LGM for the Prussians and the French. French used it to advance along their right flank. Poor dice on Prussian response allowed FR to begin the attack with the old 'give them the old STEAL' taking out PR LT unit and forcing GR into square on a followup attack. French CAV charge met decent resistance and didn't accomplish as much as hoped for, and a PR CAV charge in response did well, but left weakened LAN and LC units dangling in middle. Some rather hectic battling took place near board edge Prussian side of board French Right/center area. Eventually, PR GR, LN and CU units bit the dust, but FR were severely weakened on that flank. Terrible dice allowed the FR CU unit to use its 9 lives to keep hanging around weakening units behind PR lines. Finally, signs showed that the PR leadership wanted to push heavily on the right flank, away from the main action in the center (looked like out of cards in center, as my CU was very trapped, but no orders seemed to followup and kill it), so the FR pushed down the center with everything. Fresh FR LC cleaned up a HA and weak cav unit behind central villages while the FR LN units cleared out one village hex to kill the last unit banner needed.

Actually, both sides had some odd/poor dice rolling, probably more so the Prussians though. Prussians did everything they could in first 75% of game to keep afloat with the cards they had, but ran out of center cards eventually, allowing the FR to roll in. Very hard to manage with 4 cards vs 6 and uncharitable dice.

I forgot to log file, but perhaps Mark can post it for viewing pleasure.

My turn to enjoy the Prussians next time...yick.
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this was a shocker as far as I was concerned. Couldn't hit to save my life. Classic moment was after the first French cavalry charge, the Prussian Cuirassiers arrive to save the day. 4d attack vs unsupported French Light Cavalry rolls four ART. Battle back causes a hit. And so it went.

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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5 years 9 months ago #2584 by Mark-McG
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Finals, part 2

Mark - French - 8 banners 26 casualties
Tarheel - Prussian - 5 banners 35 casualties

The reverse match required me to win 8-3, and lose less than 22 blocks. A pretty high bar.
My initial hand did little to help, but initial maneuvering began. Push came to shove when the French Light cavalry moved up with range of the Prussian HA. So the Prussian cavalry charged, and eliminated one LC on the French Right, but did badly on the Left. Not a great charge, but not really setup too well either. At this stage, my best card was Counterattack, which isn't uncommon. The French counter charge was miserable, rolling 14 straight misses in a row. Brad then played a 2nd Cavalry charge, which was slightly more miserable, 15 misses in a row, though some flags pushed back the French. Overall, a pretty bizarre series of events.

The game moved on, with all the action on the French Right. One desperate card after another to repel the Prussians, but eventually this resolved 6-4 in French favour.

Here the game got very odd indeed. I had to win the scenario 8-3 at least, and if I could force the Prussians out of the towns, I could reduce the Prussian banner count. I had lost 17 blocks, so it was possible. So I didn't want to win the scenario yet, OTOH, Brad was trying to lose quickly. Weird play ensued, but in the end I lost too many blocks and another banner, so I finished it. 8-5

Logfile in 2 parts because I lost connection.

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File Name: MT12FinalM...lF2.vlog
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File Name: MT12FinalM...2-2.vlog
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An congrats to Brad on a good win. Wish the first game had gone a bit better.

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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