316 Aspern-Essling - Day 1 Essling (21 May 1809)

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6 years 11 months ago #1266 by alecrespi

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4 years 7 months ago #3361 by Bangla
No doubt, this is a well balanced scenario. With the Austrians' burden of attack comes a sweeping advantage in that the French have no right flank (as defined by the sector cards). Creating a right flank by moving units across seriously weakens the centre; failure to do so can result in three or four right flank cards in the French player's hand which are useless. That happened to me just as I possibly had the upper hand. The only benefit was that my opponent was faced with a dearth of those same cards.

One rule change I would propose is that ALL cards have the possibility to order ONE unit (anywhere), not only some of the special cards.

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2 years 8 months ago #5122 by Major Sholto
This was a very balanced scenario, playing to 9 medals. We traded body blows, back and forth. I finally forced the French from the defensive position in the Long Garden, gaining a medal and making the score 8 to 6. On his next turn, the French Cuirassiers devastated one of my Line Infantry units and took out a General. The score was now 8 to 8. All that was left was for me to take out a lone Light Infantry at his baseline. If I had rolled poorly, he would have easily won on his next turn.

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9 months 6 days ago #6224 by kostas63
Vittoria Francese 9-2. Gli Austriaci attaccano e conquistano dopo molti turni il Granaio...ma per poco. L'intervento della cavalleria francese sulla loro sinistra e un buon uso delle carte tattiche (ben 6 per il francese!) ristabiliscono la situazione. La mancanza di carte per ordinare le truppe sul lato sinistro austriaco influisce non di poco sull'esito dello scenario.

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