MD05 Talavera BT (28 July 1809)

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9 years 8 months ago #163 by alecrespi

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9 years 7 months ago #365 by Oleg
This night tried Naps Breakthrough scenario for the first time.
It took over 3 hours but brought a lot of pleasure. With standart infantry one-hex move on 17 hex long map all manoevures becomes predictable as never before so players need patience and composure.
Anyway, the game was classic "rotate door" battle, where strong right flanks of both opponents advanced trying to crash enemies weaker left wings. I was quicker, so I won, final map was looking funny becouse front turned on 90 degrees with French to the right and Allies to the left. also I have to note that Allies possition in center is extremally hard to breake, so use flanks, my friends.

If you want to win the fight, say - "I believe!"

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