Bautzen, day 2

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May 21, 1813

Bautzen, Day 2, Preititz

On the 21st, the battle resumed. The ferocity of Oudinot's attack the previous day had
worried the Allies, and they reinforced their left to try and push Oudinot's XII Corps back.
As Oudinot was pushed back, he requested reinforcements, but this was denied as it
suited Napoleon's plans to have the Allies overextend their flanks.

Ney was under orders to be at Preititz by 1100AM and Lauriston would advance on Ney's
left, deepening the envelopment behind the lines Blucher's retreat. Marmont and Soult
would atack as soon as Ney reached Preititz. Ney snarled the situation, taking Maison's
division from Lauriston to cover his right flank, but failing to mass his own troops.
Lauriston advanced very cautiously on the far flank, forcing Barclay to shift most of his
corps toward Baruth. Thus aided, Souham, the lead division took Preititz around 1030.
When Napoleon's orders reached him, Ney was fearful to advance thinking he
would upset Napoleon's timetable. He was probably also worried that his other
divisions had not caught up to him.

As the fighting was growing more noticeable on the extreme left, Napoleon assumed
that Ney was in position and so ordered Soult to take command of IV Corps and seize
the Allied center right. The 20,000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, and 30 guns of IV Corps
launched into a brutal attack against General Blucher's position and his key fort.
Napoleon moved 60 guns of the Imperial Guard into a supporting position, and
before long the fort was taken and Blucher was falling back. However, IV Corps could
not find any good ground to deploy their artillery on for the next stage of the attack, and
so the attack lost momentum.

Kleist managed to drive the unsupported Souham back on Gleina, and Ney lost his
remaining wits. Ordering Lauriston to close up on his left, he put in his first available
division (Delmas) to recover Preitits; then, galled by Blücher's artillery firiing into his
right flank, he sent Delmas attacking westward, keeping the rest of his corps ready
to support them.

Almost trapped, but keeping their men under tight control, Blücher and Yorck slipped
out past Ney.

This battle focuses on the allied attempt to retake Pretitz, and keep the French from
advancing and interrupting lines of retreat.

The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you
change history?

Allies: LG von Kleist - 5 cards (move first)
French: Ney - 5 cards

6 banners

Mother russia rule is not in effect.
Prussian forces receive 2 iron will.

Preititz is worth 1 temporary victory banner (turn start) to the Allies if they occupy it.

The French player receives 1 temporary victory banner for having 3 or more units on
the first four hex rows of the allied side of the board (turn start).

The stream has no effect on movement or battle except that ART or CAV melee into or
out of the stream lose 1 die and as below.

The river will also break a cavalry charge, meaning that a cav unit on or that crosses
the stream when ordered by a Charge card, will not gain the additional dice listed
on the card.
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