Latin American wars of independence

5 years 11 months ago #2166 by Sufete
One of the big subjects of the Napoleonic time frame that has received no consideration are the battles Spain fought against its former colonies from about 1808 up until 1829, ranging from Mexico to Argentina.

It would be interesting to add scenarios that address this theme, I have thus far sketched only one from the Colombian war of independence where Bolívar and a small British contingent faced a Spanish colonial force. I am having difficulty deciding which armies would best represent the Spanish regulars and the newly formed rebel armies. Possibly the rules for Spain from the Spanish army expansion could be used for the latin American forces, maybe even including the guerrilla rule?

Prussian units like the Militia lancers might be useful representing Mexican irregulars, or the South American llaneros. Any thoughts on this general subject?

And the Spanish army I am not so sure about... For the moment I have given them Portuguese blocks.

Any comments on balance, interest, and playtsting I am interested in hearing about B)

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5 years 11 months ago #2168 by Bayernkini
I can´t say any about the South American War Battles ;)
but you can sure create and offer such scenarios also here, as we have the AWI scenarios.
Therefore we have here also such a fan support :)
And if you have once a few scenarios ready, maybe i add also special unit labels as in AWI.

And we can also playtest it online, contact me next time if i am online :)

My dice are the hell!

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5 years 11 months ago #2171 by Mark-McG
I find it hard to comment about the Wars in general, since I know so little about the subject. A brief look at Wikipedia indicated that these were essentially Militia armies, with the better troops called 'experienced' militia, which would be about the same as Reserve infantry.

Considering the scenario in particular, there are a few things I think could be clarified.

It should be clearer the Red & Yellow are on the same side.
The setup seems very close
Command for both sides to be set.
Are the Guerilla rules in effect, and for which side? (and I recommend not)
Battle place and date.. is this the battle?
Heavy Cavalry??? no Lancers?

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

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