First thoughts about the russians

7 years 8 months ago #990 by Bayernkini
After playing 6 games now, first thoughts about the Russians

COS: Really weak troops, but don´t give the opponent a VP.
But a cheap unit, to keep enemy INF in square.
Also for hunting single-block units, which want to take cover in forest
And at last, a good human shield, to protect own expensive units.

ART: The russian ART outnumbers the opponent ART in most scenarios and can be upgraded with Mother Russia to 4block units!

LN / LT: Ok, this are my most "problematic" units, only 3 blocks and can ignore 1 flag. BUT do they want really ignore flags after 1-2 hits?
I think no :evil:

So i can say, the russians are a (very) defense army, which should use there superior number of ART first, to weak the opponent.
Use also COS Cavalry, to block enemy, so they need more turns, to come in dangerous range for your own weak INF and LT.
If you can force an enemy with one of your strong CAV units into square,
use also these cheap COSACKS, to keep the enemy into square
Or use it as "cannon fodder", so your opponent ART and INF cant fire on your own units.

Ok, we will see, after first results are posted here
in the scenario section,
how the scenarios are balanced at last.

My dice are the hell!
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