How to increase units lifetime and game playtime ?

8 years 3 months ago #797 by Hawkmoon-von-Köln
Hi Comrades !
We are now playing CCN this way :
Pascal72 has downloaded a rule by someone (don't remember his name, sorry) in Canada or USA.

- Each unit block now has to be hit 2 times to be removed ; if it is hit one time, the block is put down and does not count for firing or melee.

- A down block will only count if a general is attached to the unit (this rule increases general's role).

- Rally is played, throwing the double of dices than Commands Cards ; each symbol will refit half a block and unit is activated. (In this case, Rally is mightier than in the basic game)

- A hit general has one chance upon two to be only hurt and to make a 3 hexs (or lesswith stacking with another unit) retreat to be safe.

- There's another rule that we don't use : Artillery, attacked in melee, can "ambush" without the Sword symbol (like normal ranged fire) but can't counterattack.

It increases game duration but not the final result and units are not destroyed in one lucky throw of dices.

Greetings from Le Mans

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of true metal of steel
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Nanowar of Steel (Blood of the Queens)

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