A little house rule to reflect the British Reverse Slope Tactic.

4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #3650 by sebringellis
In any Scenario, detemine a range of hills where the British may employ the reverse slope tactic for Infantry .Whilst on any hill where the reverse slope tactic can be employed,a Unit receives a marker signifying it is using this tactic and recieves cover equivilent to a town hex as regards to ranged combat.The marker is removed immediately before either the British Unit performs a battle action or it itself is attacked in close combat and not returned.If it seems too unbalancing,the house rule could just apply just to ranged artillery fire.
I personally have play tested this a little,and i especially like the idea of limiting the Rule to Artillery ranged fire, so for anyone who would like to incorporate this reverse slope tactic in their games,i think it could work.Any thoughts on this guys?
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