A way of playing the 'out of turn' and 'in reaction' Tactician Card as a Solo player

4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #3478 by sebringellis
Of the 50 Tactician Deck Cards, 16 are either 'out of turn' cards played during the opponents game turn,or 'in reaction' cards played in reaction to one of his/her actions.Tricky to play if gaming solo.So here's an idea.Create for yourself a Neutral Tableau.Everytime you draw either an 'out of turn' or 'in reaction' Card,place it in the Neutral Tableau,and draw a replacement card.Whenever there is a situation where an 'out of turn' or 'in reaction' card could be played,you attempt to activate the Neutral Tableau by rolling a ten sided die-a 1 or 2 result being required.Now you may choose to play an appropriate card,and then place in the discard pile.Normal rules still apply regarding only playing a card once per turn on a particular unit or Leader or Leader attatched unit etc.When you are required to re-shufffle all Card Decks,include all Tactician Cards in the Neutral Tableau. So basically you are creating an A.I. system that decides when 'out of turn' or 'in reaction' cards are played-that is with exception to the "Leader Orders a Fall Back" and " Hold the Line"-you can ALWAYS choose NOT to play them.The Default Action of the Tactician Cards in the Neutral Tableau may not be used-only the text.
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