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Battlefield Smoke

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4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #3102 by Bayernkini
Replied by Bayernkini on topic Battlefield Smoke
New FAQs from Richard, because of actual gaming situations with the TC´s.
I update the downloadable FAQ after the MT15, so we can see, if more questions coming up then.

Q: If an Attacker makes a “Grand Battery” or another “Combined Attack”, are the complete summary dice reduced to 2 dice or only the battle dice of each single unit.

A: When Battlefield Smoke is played before a Grand Battery (Combined Attack) dice are rolled, the number of dice rolled in the Grand Battery (Combined Attack) combat is reduced to a maximum summary of 2 dice.

Q: Can the Battlefield Smoke card used only by the “Defender” or also by the “Attacker”.
Example: Attacker (CAV) announce a melee against another CAV (Defender), the Defender plays First Strike
Can now the Attacker use the Battlefield Smoke?

A: Yes, the Attacker could use the Battlefield Smoke in this situation also. The only restriction on playing the Battlefield Smoke Tactician card is it is played after a combat is declared, but before the dice roll. Of course, if the unit already used a Tactician card this turn, it would not be able to play a second Tactician card.

Q: May the Attacker general await if the Defender plays a Battlefield Smoke and then playing itself a Tactician Card to increase the dice again?
Example: Attacker (CAV) announce a melee against another CAV (Defender), the Defender plays Battlefield Smoke.
Can now the Attacker play a Cavalry Leader to increase the number of dice?

A: No, the order in which these two Tactician cards must be played, forces the attacker to first declare the use of the Cavalry Leader Tactician card.
Cavalry Leader - Play this card when the melee combat is announced.
The number of dice are determined for the attack and then before the dice are rolled the defending player would play the Battlefield Smoke Tactician card, which would only allow the attacking unit to roll 2 dice.

My dice are the hell!
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