Quick Reference Card for Austrian Units

6 years 7 months ago #1336 by Veterano-73
I'm disappointed that a Quick Reference Card for the Austrian units wasn't included in Expansion #3 as it is a superior players aid to the National Unit Reference Cards provided.
Perhaps Quick Reference Cards for the Austrian and Prussian units can be developed-produced for Expansion #4?

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6 years 7 months ago #1354 by General-Eble

I find these much easier to quickly determine the number of dice to roll than the standard charts that were included in the expansion. Fully support the push to have a quick reference card for the Austrians done and included in the next expansion.

Cest la guerre B)

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6 years 7 months ago #1357 by Michalxo
I own only base game and fresh new Austrian expansion, but I have found out, that I use those QRC very rarely. I agree with Mr.Borg, that after figuring out how system works, it is much easier and faster to count/know how much dice each unit has.

And when I play with absolutely new players, I take out QRC only for myself and I keep repeating to them how it works, so they will absorb "counting-system". This would help them to think more about unit and appreciate its value. It is much better then just lazily have *always* a look at QRC at exactly the same thing.
I/we agree/ing with Borg might be minority, but it works for us and the game proceeds much faster. So give it a shot for game or two without these cards. It should be easy for someone, who have played CCN for a longer time (then me). :)

On the other hand, I understand those, who got used to them. They are addictive and very helpful - for first few games...
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