C&C Napoleonics solo

8 years 9 months ago #630 by Cromwell
Does anyone play this solo.

I tried a senario where I played the British and my solo system played the French.

I work the solo system in the following way.

Command cards are dealt as normal. Check the hand of the non human player (NHP) pull out any "Strike first" cards and lay them face up. The NHP uses these in any Human player (HP) melee.

For the NHP turn shuffle the command hand and then draw the top card. Carry out the action upon it as best you can. Draw a new card, check it's not a strike first. Use Square and fight back as you would normally for the NHP. If you are unsure if the NHP would form square etc then roll a dice. Infantry, Cavalry symbol, square is formed any other symbol it is not. Use this system for any decision you make for the NHP where the answer is not obvious.

I have fought three senarios using this system. And the NHP has beaten me every time!!!:blush: ...Got to work out a new system ;)

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8 years 9 months ago #631 by Bayernkini
Replied by Bayernkini on topic Re: C&C Napoleonics solo
If i have no real live opponent for boardgaming, i looking
always for opponents to play online with Vassal,
because another human opponent is always the better choice than you play against yourself ;)

My dice are the hell!

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8 years 8 months ago #701 by Ed
Replied by Ed on topic Re: C&C Napoleonics solo
I solo a little differently.....I use a d8 look at current sides hand. I put face up the three best playable cards. The first card is played on a 1 - 5, second 6 - 7 third on a die roll of 8.
It plays up well with a forced fog of war.

If a first strike is drawn hold it until it can be played.

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