War of the Oranges - Portuguese Infantry

1 year 2 months ago #5924 by Hawkmoon
Hi CCN Comrades !

I went for holidays to Portugal (land where my father is born) and had opportunities to pass through some landscapes which have seen some Peninsular War battles.

In Mafra, where there is the "Escola Militar de Infanteria", I've seen a monument dedicated to the Portuguese Infantry with the names of all the battles fought between 1807 and 1814.
There's a few words of General Beresford written on one side of the base of the monument : "In Europe, there's no Infantry such as the portuguese". These words were pronounced after the battle of Vitoria.
I've read a moment later that General Wellesley asked for his Caçadores at Waterloo...
It seems that Portuguese Infantry (Line and Light) well trained and leaded by English officers had shown their best and became "better" during the last battles in Spain and southwestern France.
It doesn't appear in the rules (to my opinion).
If someone knows about it, thanks to answer.

I bought a little book by Antonio Ventura called "Guerra das Laranjas 1801" (War of the Oranges 1801), editions Quidnovi 2008.
It's about the war between Spain (allied to France) and Portugal (who's got a very old alliance with England since 1383).
It seems like a fake war but there were some little battles. I'm gonna try with the help of my friends Pascal Dumat & Guillaume Gleize to recreate scenarios about it.

If you have some documentation, thanks to share it with me.

Greetings from Le Mans

PS : I will post later some photographies taken by my daughter.

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