Balance of scenarios using Tactician cards

2 years 9 months ago #5087 by Mark-McG
Do you think the balance in scenarios has changed because of the Tactician cards?
With the emphasis on leaders in the Tactician cards, and the revised Command Deck, and considering that all leaders are treated equally regardless of nationality (and ignoring leaders of honor for the moment), it seems possible that simply the number of leaders each side has is now relevant to play balance.

As I look over the results generally, it looks like a good number of scenarios are moving towards the 60/40 balanced range and I'm wondering if it related to the Tactician cards, or simply the averages settling as the number of plays increases.


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2 years 9 months ago #5093 by proyce
I'm not sure the sample size is enough to yield any meaningful analysis, especially when many scenarios have less than 30 plays recorded. Just the variation in player skill, dice luck, and card distribution make it difficult to really analyze. That said, I think the Tactician cards do affect the games - in a positive way. As far as balance, I think there must be some effect. I think that the number of leaders, and the number of Tactician cards each side gets, has more impact. Does that affect the balance? Hard for me to say, but an interesting question.
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