Intercontinental Tournament: 2022

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Commands and Colors Napoleonics 

Intercontinental Tournament: 2022


The tournament will use the rules from the base game, with supplemental rules and card decks from the Generals, Marshals and Tacticians expansion- this means using the tactician deck and other supplemental rules. Play will be conducted on vassal, or another platform that the players mutually agree to. Please log your games.


Swiss Draw Stage

The tournament will begin with 5 rounds of play using a swiss draw format. For these rounds, if a player wins both games, the winning player earns 3 points, and the losing player earns 0. If the players split the games, the player with more total points from the combined games earns 2 points, the the player with fewer points earns 1. If the players have an equal number of points or do not play both games, they each earn 1 point.


After the swiss draw stage is complete, players will be ranked according to won-lost record, using total point differential as a tie-breaker. If two players have identical won-lost records and point differential, use the results of the games between the two tied players as a tie-breaker, then point differential of the games between the tied players. If the players are still tied, they should play a single tie-breaking game of the same scenario, flipping a coin to pick sides. 


Elimination Rounds

The top 8 players from the swiss draw rounds will advance to the elimination rounds. These consist of quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. 


In the quarter finals, semifinals, and finals, opponents play the same scenario twice according to the schedule. Winner will be determined by the total point differential from the two games, using the same tie-breaker procedures as described for the group stage. 


Reporting Game Results

Please post game results, with winner and score to:

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