OT 2018 Round 2

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OT 2018 Round 2

Scenario: 309 Rohr (20 April 1809)

  Banners       Banners    
Player 1 Game 1 Game 2 Points Player 2 Game 1 Game 2 Points
g1ul10 3 5 1.5 toganalper 5 3 1.5
mantra 1 4 0 RiverWanderer 5 5 3
soul1st 4 5 2 gottoman 5 2 1
Stanislav27 2 2 0 Mark-McG 5 5 3
Kandras78     3 Kutuzov     withdraw 
Cavie 5 3 Gonzo 4 0
Bangla     3 christhibault     withdraw
scipio1zama 5 2 1.5 CaptTonio 2 5 1.5
EZPickins      1 Zamba Bone      1

Deadline: 31/10/2018

Points end of Round 2

Player Points Point2
RiverWanderer 2 5
g1ul10 3 4.5
toganalper 3 4.5
Bangla 1 4
Cavie 1 4
Kandras78 1 4
Mark-McG 1 4
soul1st 2 4
gottoman 2 3
mantra 3 3
scipio1zama 1 2.5
Stanislav27 2 2
CaptTonio 0 1.5
EZPickins 0 1
Gonzo 1 1
Zamba Bone 0 1
christhibault 1 withdraw
Kutuzov 1 withdraw


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CaptTonio's Avatar
CaptTonio replied the topic: #5547 1 year 11 months ago
CaptTonio (French): 5
Scipio1zama (Austrian): 2
French cavalry charged up the Austrian Left flank and took out their heavy cavalry unit. Then, with the Light Cavalry units, attacked the Austrian Line who quickly formed square. The French cavalry struggled, but never could defeat the Austrian infantry in Battalion Mass, but in one Hosannah moment, killed the Austrian leader. The Austrian artillery wiped out one French LC, and damaged the others, but could not kill them. Then the French attacked on the Austrian left flank, bringing up reserves and surviving the Austrian muskets to break a unit and push them back. The Austrians eliminated a French line unit, but then the French drew Bayonet Charge and broke the Austrian flank.
Great game! Thanks to Mike for being patient with tech problems and for two great games.

File Attachment:

File Name: MIkevAnton2.vlog
gottoman's Avatar
gottoman replied the topic: #5542 1 year 11 months ago
Game 1 Greg O (Austrian) 5 banners Twan van Dijk (French) 4 banners

French Cav charged on the right flank, a terrific battle ensued, but the French lost two cav and it's leader, leaving a Light Cav unit that survived a flurry of attacks until the Austrian artillery finally cleared it off the hill. Two French Bayonet Charges evened the battle up, and the Austrians gained the last banner on the left flank.

Game 2 Greg O (French) 2 banners v Twan van Dijk (Austrian) 5 banners

The battle was primarily in the center. Two Austrian Infantry combat first cards blunted the French attacks, a French push with Cav in the center and two reserves from the rear gave the French a glimmer of hope to get some banners, but the Austrians smashed the French with ease.

These were fun and exciting battles, 5 banners games can be quite fun and play fast.
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #5540 1 year 11 months ago
5 matches to be played in the next 2 days.. please get them done.
g1ul10's Avatar
g1ul10 replied the topic: #5538 1 year 11 months ago
Game 2

giulio (Austrian) 5 banners
toganalper (French) 3 banners

Two tense games. Both won thanks to the good performances of the Austrian cavalry in their left flank.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2018R2gi...me2.vlog
scipio1zama's Avatar
scipio1zama replied the topic: #5537 1 year 11 months ago
I thought I posted the Log File with my last message, but I guess it didn't take - let's try again......

File Attachment:

File Name: scipio1zam...-29.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: scipio1zam...-29.vlog
scipio1zama's Avatar
scipio1zama replied the topic: #5536 1 year 11 months ago
scipio1zama (French) - 5 banners
CaptTonio (Austrians) - 2 banners
This is a tough one for the Austrians, with an army only 2/3 the size of French forces. After some initial skirmishing, my French launched a Cavalry Charge that eventually took out the Austrian HC, at the cost of one of the French LC. Most of the rest of the fighting took place in the center, even though the French never got a Center Section card. However, three Bayonet Charges made up for this deficiency. The first one allowed me to move LN units into position. The second one was used for an actual attack, which quickly eliminated two Austrian LN. Continued fighting saw an exchange of LN units, and the score stood 4-2. Then the third Bayonet Charge allowed the French to exit a unit off the board for the fifth and final banner.
toganalper's Avatar
toganalper replied the topic: #5534 1 year 11 months ago
Game 1

toganalper (Austrian) - 5 banners
g1ul10 (French)= 3 banners

second game to follow tomorrow night

File Attachment:

File Name: CCNopen201...ulo.vlog
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #5532 1 year 11 months ago
seems like not many games played with the deadline drawing close. Please get your matches played by 31 October!
Cavie's Avatar
Cavie replied the topic: #5527 2 years 19 hours ago
Game 1
Cavie (French) - 5 banners
Gonzo (Austrian) - 4 banners

Game 2
Cavie (Austrian) - 5 banners
Gonzo (French) - 4 banners

The better cards & dice went to Austrians in the 2nd game. Both games were close but Game 1 was decided by the Austrians having about 6 Left Flank card plays where there were no units on the left flank. Gave the French time to recover and come back.

Also in the 2nd game we both missed that a French unit could have exited and won the game. We were both concentrating (and hurrying) so much we missed it......

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2018Cavi...me1.vlog

File Attachment:

File Name: OT2018Cavi...me2.vlog
RiverWanderer's Avatar
RiverWanderer replied the topic: #5513 2 years 1 week ago
Game 1
Mantra (Austrian): 1
RiverWanderer (French): 5

An early, tentative advance by the Austrian Heavy cavalry provoked a prompt riposte from their French counter-parts and from then on cavalry were involved in much of the action. French cavalry gained the upper hand with the elimination of the Austrian Heavies, a leader kill putting additional pressure on the Austrians. Yet, the core of the Austrian infantry held firm and the unsupported French cavalry retreated for a time. A brief foray by the Austrian infantry made an impression but was ultimately repulsed with no units lost. A Rally then restored the French left and gave Light Cavalry units on the right enough strength to risk a charge against the already depleted Austrian Foot Artillery to end the game.

A hard game for the Austrians as it was decided by cavalry.

Game 2
RiverWanderer (Austrian): 5
Mantra (French): 4

The action opened with the Austrian Right attacked by the French cavalry, with the cavalry ultimately fighting to a standstill for the loss of two banners each.

Meanwhile, in the centre, the French built up a strong position for assaulting the Austrian right flank whilst the Austrians retreated (after another exchange of banners), using Garrisons in an attempt to hamper the French advance and eek out their shrinking defences.

In the final phase, the infantry battle now raged on the Austrian right flank, with infantry units and leaders on each side struggling to gain advantage resulting in a fourth banner exchange. At the same time, the Austrians had not given up on their left, their infantry was intact and was able to push through with an attack leaving its infantry target retreated and down to a single block. By this point, each side one banner from a win, a two block Austrian Line could have been wiped out but cards and unlucky dice meant it was not to be. At better odds, the Austrians made their final attack to wipe out the last block of the retreated French line to take the fifth banner.

A tense and memorable game with all parts of the battlefield involved.

There was a synching error in this game that is apparent in the log file, starting from an Austrian LC move that didn’t get reflected at the French end. Despite fixing this in the game, whenever the A-LC was moved, the log file ignored that, causing a couple of confused moments. The error is apparent from the (correct) placement of markers on blank hexes. Fortunately, the A-LC unit was destroyed soon after.

Thanks for Chris for two good games.
Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #5512 2 years 1 week ago
Game 1
Mark McG (French): 5
Stanislav (Austrian): 2

Opened with a Cavalry charge, which did some good. Aside from one fantastic roll of 4 CAV on 7 dice, which eliminated a French Cuirassier, Stan wasn't getting any joy. In the end I exited two LC, eliminate two Austrian cavalry, and finally stalked a Austrian Line, and got lucky with a 2d Leader check.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT18R2G1.vlog

Game 2
Mark McG (Austrian): 5
Stanislav (French): 2

Opened with a Cavalry charge, French charged back and I counterattacked, so it was all cavalry. Austrians were the winner with French French cavalry lost for 1 Austrian HC (and 3/4 of the Austrian LC). Austrian Grenzers bombarded in square for the other loss, but after that it was just waiting for the French move and concentrating on 1 unit for the win.

File Attachment:

File Name: OT18R2G2.vlog

2 good games
Kandras78 replied the topic: #5482 2 years 2 weeks ago
Ah, my eyes...

(On the left top of the table - 309 Rohr (20 April 1809)
Kandras78 replied the topic: #5481 2 years 2 weeks ago
What is the scenario to be played in Round 2?

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