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Open Tournament Rules

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Commands and Colors Napoleonics VASSAL Open Tournament Rules

The VASSAL Open Tournament for 2016 is open to all players, and requires a login ID to
The tournament will consist of 5 rounds played 1 per month in a Swiss draw format. Contestants have to play a scenario twice in a month.
The top 8 players will then move to an elimination tournament, again two games per month.


A). This tournament consists of two phases. The first phase is a Swiss-style format of five rounds.The scenario for that round will be played twice, with sides for the first game decided by rolling a die and then alternating sides for the second game.
B). Each round will be worth three points.
All 3 points will be awarded to the player that wins both games,
2 points will be awarded to the player that wins one game and wins the total banner count for both games,
1.5 points will be awarded to the player that wins one game and ties in banner count,
1 point will be awarded to the player that wins one game and loses the banner count,
0 points awarded if both games are lost.
After each round, positions on the Ladder will be adjusted in descending order by points, and further sorted by banners won, banners lost, and blocks lost.
C). At the end of five rounds, the players in the top each positions will move on to Phase II and be seeded according to position.
D). The second phase is an 8-player single elimination bracket. The scenario for each round will be played twice, with sides for the first game decided by rolling a die and then alternating sides for the second game. The player with the most banners will move on to the next round, ties broken by lowest Blocks Lost count. In the event of a tie still existing, the winner of a one game play-off, scenario decided by the tournament referee and sides determined by rolling a
die, will advance to the next round or win the tournament if it is the final round.


1. A game ends immediately when one player earns the required number of banners to achieve victory.
2. Once the schedule for the tournament is published, players are responsible for contacting each other and setting up a time to play their games. There will be a tournament page with the schedule of games, standings and player list with contact information provided.
3. All players should use the current version of the Commands and Colors Napoleonics module available from
4. Both players should start a logfile once the game is open, but prior to drawing cards.
5. The score should be reported by the winning player into the forum page provided in
The format for reporting results is as shown below:
Game 1
Player 1 Vassal ID (Allied): # banners won
Player 2 Vassal ID (French): # banners won
Game 2
Player 2 Vassal ID (Allied): # banners won
Player 1 Vassal ID (French): # banners won
6. Unless otherwise noted, all scenarios will be played following GMT's living rules for the 2nd edition of the game, found on the GMT website CCN Rules 2nd ed. Please do not let rule disputes interfere with the enjoyment of the game, but if rules cannot be resolved between those playing the game, contact the tournament referee to have the dispute arbitrated. In addition, players should also familiarize themselves with the “Commands and Colors Napoleonics VASSAL Conventions” given below.
7. It is up to the individual players to arrange and play their games. The schedule will give a deadline in which all the games in a round should be completed. If a player does not respond to emails, please contact the tournament referee. It is important to keep the referee informed of problems as they occur. Generally, if a deadline passes without communication to the referee from either player involved in a game, both players will be counted as having forfeited the game.
8. The tournament referee will be the final arbiter of disputes. If the referee is playing in a tournament and is involved in a dispute, the designated assistant referee will arbitrate. Hopefully, this rule will not be necessary as this tournament is being set up for people to play games and have fun. Most problems that arise in a game can be easily solved with good sportsmanship.

Commands and Colors Napoleonics VASSAL CONVENTIONS


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