C&C Napoleonics Vassal Conventions

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  1. The side listed as moving first in the scenario will draw Command and Tactics cards first.
  2. To play a card, drag it from your hand window to the map board. Wait for your opponent to place the card on the discard pile, allowing him time to read the card.
  3. When moving units multiple hexes, make sure to move them a single hex at a time to generate an accurate movement trail.
  4. Units which are ordered but not moving should be highlighted before the battle phase of your turn by right-clicking the unit and selecting “Order Unit” from the pop-up menu. The same process will remove the highlight from a unit, if necessary (Shortcut CTRL-O). 
  5. To battle, right click the attacking unit and select “Attack Marker” from the menu to place a yellow attack marker on the attacking unit  (Shortcut CTRL-A), and then right click the target unit and select “Target Marker” to place a red target marker on that unit  (Shortcut CTRL-T). Once the markers are placed, the attacker should notify his opponent of the number of battle dice to be rolled in the chat window (by typing “3d” for a 3 battle dice attack, for example). The defender will then confirm the attacker’s note (with a “y” for yes, or similar) or will play a First Strike card (reversing the order of attack) or similar response Tactics card. Of course, if the attacker has entered what the defender believes to be an incorrect number of dice, he should instead advise his opponent of this.
  6. In situations where a defending unit may Retire and Reform, this query can be added to the battle dice notification for brevity. For example, the attacker would type “3d rr?”, and then the defender should indicate his evasion choice by right-clicking the target marker and selecting either “Retire (Shortcut CTRL-S) or “Stand (Shortcut ALT-S) before confirming the dice number of the attack. Alternatively, type "rr"
  7. Once the attack is resolved, the attack marker should be converted to a “Battled” (blue) marker via the right-click menu  (Shortcut CTRL-N). The target marker, if it has not been converted to a Retire or Stand marker, should be either deleted or dragged to the next target unit. To avoid confusion, there should never be more than one yellow attacker marker and one red target marker on the board.
  8. If you roll too many battle dice, simply use the results of the correct number of dice, counting from left to right, from the roll already made and ignore the excess results.
  9. After your combat phase is complete, draw a command card, then push the “Ends Turn” button to delete the combat markers from the board and to remove all the highlights and movement trails from the units on the board. This ends your turn and signals your opponent that it is his turn.
  10. When returning to a game after losing connection with the Vassal server, the player who returns should synchronize to the player who remained connected and has an uninterrupted logfile.
  11. Have a great time!  

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