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Open Tournament 2016 Semi Finals

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Semi Final      
Scenario: 518 Hougoumont (18 June 1815)
Bayernkini 1 4 sansmerci
Gonzo 2 3 Mark-McG

Please play by 1 May

Thanks to TheMP for selecting the scenario for this final


Bayernkini 3 8 11
sansmerci 8 4 12
Gonzo 8   8
Mark-McG 7   7

Please report results in the discussion below.

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Mark-McG's Avatar
Mark-McG replied the topic: #4755 1 week 5 days ago
518 Hougoumont (18 June 1815)
Game 1
Gonzo (Allies): 8 banners 33 blocks lost
Mark McG (French): 7 banners 47 block lost

Bit of an epic match, play time of roughly 4.5 hours, spread over 2 sessions roughly 2 weeks apart.
My recollection of the early session is pretty dim now, but I recall kicking off with a Bayonet Charge which didn't preform too well, but did kill off the Rifles. From then on it was a parade of small section cards for the French , and whilst I got my Left artillery into position to fire into the farm, counter battery fire eliminated them. The French cavalry conducted a raid on the Allied Right, knocking down he Allied LC from full strength, but were then mauled and were lucky to escape.

The decision action was the orchard, where eventually the French infantry managed to push from the woods, and whittle down the Allied Left. The Frrench were down 4-2 at the end of our first session, and the second session seemed to warm my dice and cards a little. Bitter fighting in the orchard brought the French score up, and a stream of 1 block Allied fugitives out the back. Eliminating on the Gren Guards in the orchard was the key action, and managing to get a unit into the Walled Garden saved he French from the brink of defeat. The score slowly leveled off, to 7-7, and the Allies pressed an attack up the centre to thwart French moves on their Left that eventually would have won.

French had a shot at victory, 4d on a 2 strength HA, but fell 1 hit short. The Gren Guards then moved in, and despite a desperate Infantry First strike, which utterly missed), managed to secure the win. A tough match.

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sansmerci's Avatar
sansmerci replied the topic: #4702 3 weeks 6 days ago
518 Hougoumont (18 June 1815)
Game 1: Sansmerci 8 (allies) - Bayernkini 3 (French)
French started maneuvering to get units forward setting up a bayonet charge which cost the allies a banner but the force march made the banner count 5-1. Later a lucky double sabre roll killed a leader and made it 7-1. The French took out two weak units and the allies ended it with a ca6 attack on a two block HA. Pretty short game which is unusual.
Game 2: Bayernkini 8 (Allies) - Sansmerci 4 (French)

Another short game with most of the action in the center. The French came close to winning 8-2 but the French cavalry came to the rescue killing a HA and weakening the GG. A single block French took out a single block GG to make it 7-4 allies then the pesky British LT finished the game killing a French LN. Very close in the end almost came to block counts. Thanks to Michael for two fun games.
Bayernkini's Avatar
Bayernkini replied the topic: #4701 3 weeks 6 days ago
518 Hougoumont (18 June 1815)

Game 1: Sansmerci (Allies) - Bayernkini (French)

Game 2: Sansmerci (French) - Bayernkini (Allies)

In first game i simple didn´t a usefull card combinations to attack/weak the allies early, so they have enough time to regroup and fight back.

Second game only the last luck was missed, compensate the result with a 8:3 victory too, but not sure, if the blocks would been enough then, to win.

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