Inspired Actions

Q.  When playing a Leadership card and deciding to spend an Inspired Action token, does the chosen Inspired Leadership action replace the instructions of the card?

A. The text at the very top of Inspired Leadership Action cards states "When playing a Leadership Command card, spend one Inspired Action token and units ordered by the Leadership card may preform this Inspired Action."

Now when the ordered units are a combination of Cavalry and foot units and the Inspired Action is the Mounted Charge, foot units may still be ordered to move and battle as normal.

But note, the Mounted Charge Inspired Action card states "Mounted units when ordered must charge." So why is the word "must" used in this sentence? Basically it means that cavalry units that are ordered may not engage in ranged combat. All ordered cavalry units must charge if they do anything.

Do the ordered cavalry units need to move adjacent to the enemy - NO
Do the ordered cavalry units need to battle - NO
Do the ordered cavalry units even need to move - NO
Can ordered Super Heavy and Heavy mounted cavalry move 3 hexes - Yep
Can the ordered cavalry units engage in ranged combat - NO

A wise player I would think, would take advantage of the Inspired Action and set the card up to play to his advantage.

Also note that the same thinking applies to Inspired Leadership Action
Foot Onslaught - foot units may not engage in ranged combat.
Darken the Sky - no movement by units with range weapons
Move Fire Move - no close combat by light foot or light cavalry units

Richard Borg (20 June 2019)


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