010 Decimum (533 AD) Phase 1

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Historical Background

In 530 AD, Gelimer dethroned the Vandal king Hilderic, a vassal of Justinian the Byzantine emperor. Hilderic appealed for help, also citing Gelimer’s persecution of eastern Christians. After making a favorable peace with the Sassanids in 532 AD, Justinian launched an expedition led by Belisarius to bring North Africa under Byzantine rule.
Belisarius landed his army of 16,000 near the ancient city of Carthage and built a fortified camp. He sent ahead an advance guard under the command of Count John to screen the main army as it marched to Carthage. He also had his Hun cavalry screen his left flank (although the Hun Empire no longer existed, skilled Hun cavalry were still much in demand as mercenaries).
Gelimer was surprised by the advance on Carthage and prepared to attack the invaders. His brother Ammatus was sent from Carthage to engage John, while his nephew Gibamund was to fall on the Byzantine vanguard’s flank. The main army, led by Gelimer, would then swing around the hills and trap the main Byzantine army and attack it in the rear. This complex plan fell apart when Ammatus’ force engaged John piecemeal before the others were in position. Ammatus was mortally wounded in the fight and his force was wiped out by John’s pursuing cavalry. About the same time as Ammatus’ defeat, Gibamund’s flanking force also was routed when it encountered the Huns, who felt they had been blessed by heaven with so many targets for their arrows.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

War Council

Vandal Army (Use Tan blocks)

• Leader: Gibamund & Ammatus
• 4 Command Cards
• 2 Inspired Action tokens

Byzantine Army (Use Purple blocks)

• Leader: John
• 5 Command Cards
• 4 Inspired Action tokens
• Move First


5 Banners

Special Rules

  • The Byzantine player gains 1 Victory Banner for each heavy or super heavy cavalry unit that exits the battlefield from the Vandal’s left section. To exit, the unit must be ordered and move off the battlefield. A unit must start its turn on an opponent’s left section baseline hex to exit off the battlefield.
  • The Vandal Medium and Heavy Cavalry units are not armed with bows.
  • The Byzantine Heavy and Super Heavy Cavalry units are armed with bows.

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kostas63's Avatar
kostas63 replied the topic: #633 1 year 7 months ago
Vittoria bizantina 5-1. La battaglia inizia con uno scontro di cavallerie tra Giovanni e Ammatus. Quest'ultimo perde e si ritira tra le truppe sparse dell'ala sinistra dei vandali. Sulla sinistra gli unni fanno quello che sanno fare meglio: tempestano di frecce la cavalleria media di Gibamundo che cerca di entrare in mischia ma subisce pesanti perdite ed è costretto a fermarsi ai piedi delle colline. Giovanni riprende l'avanzata per cercare di uscire dal campo ma i vandali anche se privi quasi di cavalleria oppongono resistenza. La battaglia termina quando l'unica cavalleria sulla sinistra dei vandali viene messa in rotta dai catafratti di Giovanni.
Magmik replied the topic: #610 1 year 9 months ago
Byzantines win 5-2

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