014 Lazic War (548 AD) Petra Mountain Passes

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Historical Background

The Lazic War was fought between the Byzantine Empire and Sassanid Persia for control of Lazica, a province on the eastern shore of the Black Sea. As part of the Eternal Peace of 532 AD, Sassanid Persia granted control of the region to the Byzantines.
However, an uprising against the Byzantines in 541 AD allowed the Sassanids to retake the area. In 548 AD King Goubazes revolted against the Sassanids and requested help from the Byzantines. The Byzantine general Dagisthaeus marched to assist Goubazes in the siege of the fortified city of Petra. A Sassanid relief force, under the command of Mihr-Mihroe (yes, the same Sassanid general who was defeated years before at Satala), was sent to relieve Petra. On his way, Mihr-Mihroe encountered a small Byzantine force that was guarding the mountain passes.
The Byzantines were defeated, and Mihr-Mihroe advanced to successfully raise the siege of Petra.
The stage is set. The battle lines are drawn and you are in command. Can you change history?

War Council

Sassanid Army (Use Tan blocks)

• Leader: Mihr-Mihroe
• 5 Command Cards
• 3 Inspired Action tokens
• Move First

Byzantine Army (Use Purple blocks)

• Leader: Not Known
• 5 Command Cards
• 2 Inspired Action tokens


5 Banners

Special Rules

  • The Sassanid player gains 1 Victory banner for each unit that exits the battlefield from the Byzantine baseline hex. To exit, the unit must start its turn on an opponent’s baseline hex and must be ordered to exit off the battlefield.
  • The Sassanid Medium, Heavy and Super Heavy Cavalry units are armed with bows.
  • The Byzantine Medium Cavalry units are armed with bows.
  • All the hills are considered rugged. When a unit or leader moves onto a rugged hill, the unit must stop and it may move no further on that turn.

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g1ul10 replied the topic: #127 2 months 10 hours ago
Two victories for the Sassanids 5-2. In the second game, the Sassanid won the last medal by exiting one light cavalry unit. It seems however that unit exit is not essential for the victory, as the Sassanid can efficiently collect medals through an orderly advance, exploiting the advantage in the number of troops.

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