GI 03 Battle of the Volturnus 554 AD

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GI03 Battle of the Volturnus 554 AD

Historical Background

During the later stages of the Gothic War, the Gothic king Teia called upon the Franks for help against the Roman armies under the eunuch Narses. Although king Theudebald refused to send aid, he allowed two of his subjects, the Alemanni chieftains Leutharis and Butilinus, to cross into Italy. In the spring of 554, the two brothers invaded central Italy, plundering as they descended southwards until they came to Samnium. Leutharis soon turned back home, laden with spoils. Butilinus, on the other hand, more ambitious and possibly persuaded by the Goths to restore their kingdom with himself as king, resolved to remain. The following summer he marched back to Campania and erected a camp on the banks of the Volturnus. When Narses found out about the location of the Alemanni camp, he set forth at the head of an 18,000 strong force, including strong contingents of Heruli mercenaries.

War Council
Alemanni Army (Use Tan blocks and Byzantine Inspired Actions)
• Leader: Butilinus
• 5 Command Cards
• 2 Inspired Action tokens
• Move First

Byzantine Army (Use Purple blocks)
• Leader: Narses
• 5 Command Cards
• 3 Inspired Action tokens

6 Banners

Special Rules
• If at any moment the Byzantine player has two more victory points than the Alemanni player, two Byzantine Warrior units and one stacked
leader are placed in two baseline hexes of the central section, on the Byzantine side. The Heruli enter the battle.
• The Byzantine Medium and Heavy Cavalry units are armed with bows.
• The river Vulturnus is impassable.
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3 days 23 hours ago #248 by g1ul10
This needs to be playtested!

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3 days 2 hours ago #249 by Mark McG
some questions, answers are mostly obvious, but asking never hurts;

1. The river is impassable except at the fords?
2. The Heruli are placed immediately, even if for instance the 2 banner advantage is in the Alemanni turn?

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2 days 23 hours ago #250 by g1ul10
Concerning the Heruli, they essentially waited to see the development of the battle to decide if entering or not the fray. With the rule written this way, it's clear that they cannot be ordered the turn they enter the map.

Concerning the fords, yes, my original idea was to give some extra retreat hexes to the Alemanni by placing some fords. But this is not realistic. The Volturno is a relatively big river and it is unlikely there were fords in the area near Capua (that's the approximate place of the battle). I think I will change a bit the map. Thanks for the feedback!

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