006 Dara 530 AD

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006 Dara 530 AD was created by wilson
C&CM Game 1: Dara 530 AD
Byzantine win 7 banners to 5

After skirmishing across the front, the Byzantine infantry centre naively advanced across the pre-prepared ditches.. in the meantime vicious cavalry action saw most of the heavy and cataphract units on both sides dissolving.

The Sassanid lighter central units fought manfully and eventually the Byzantine centre broke.

However, the Byzantine right wing had gained the advantage pushing the Sassanid left flank back.

As the Sassanid heavy infantry advanced without support to reach the gates of Dara they were cut down from behind by the remaining Byzantine cataphract unit.

At this moment the hidden Byzantine units under Pharas appeared and while they came off worst in the close fighting sufficient damage had been done for the Byzantines to claim victory.

So despite them taking more total casualties and there being sufficient Sassanid units remaining on the field, King Kavadh lost heart and retired in good order from the field.

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