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1 Game Board
60 Command Cards
46 Double-sided Terrain Tiles
9 Double-sided Entrenchment/Fieldwork Tokens
14 Double-sided Flag Tokens
8 Battle Dice
1 Flag Label Sheet
Confederate (gray) and Union (blue) armies, each with the following plastic figures:
3 Generals with Flags
3 Artillery with Flags
6 Artillery Crewmembers
3 Cavalry with Flags
6 Cavalry
10 Infantry with Flags
30 Infantry

Applying Flag Stickers

Apply an appropriate flag sticker to each figure with a flag stand.


Game Board

The game board represents a battlefield and is divided into three sections by two dotted lines—giving each player a left flank section, a center section, and a right flank section. Where a dotted line cuts through a hex, the hex is part of both the flank section and the center section. The victory stand areas hold captured enemy flags.

Command Cards

Using command cards, you’ll order your troops to move, attack, and/or do something special. There are two types of command cards: section cards and tactic cards.

Section Cards

When you play a section card, the card will indicate how many and which type of units you may order to move and/or battle. The card will also indicate in which section or sections of the battlefield you may issue orders.

Tactic Cards

Tactic cards feature special rules that enable units to move and/or battle in unique ways or that create other effects as noted in the text of the card.



You’ll roll a variable number of dice to resolve battles. The dice are custom made for this game and have the following 6 sides: