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Issue 1 order to each of your
generals. If an ordered general is
att ached to a unit, that unit is also
ordered as long as the general stays
with the unit this turn. Each of your
infantry or cavalry units with an
att ached general rolls 1 additional
die when batt ling this turn.
If you don’t have any generals,
instead issue 1 order to a unit of
your choice in any section.





Related FAQs

A general alone in a hex is ordered with the Leadership card and moves and attaches to an artillery unit. Does the artillery unit get to fight with an additional die this turn or does the general have to be attached to a unit before the Leadership card is played?

First, a general that moves to a unit does not order the unit. (BC:150 p.9) Second, an artillery unit with a general does not get the benefit of an additional die in battle on a Leadership card.