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Roll 1 die: on a unit symbol, take an
undeployed unit of that type from the
box; on a fl ag, take an undeployed
unit of your choice from the box; on a
sabers, take no unit and this card has
no eff ect. Place the unit on a hex with
an unatt ached general, a vacant hex
adjacent to a general, or a vacant hex on
your edge of the batt lefi eld. Th at unit
may batt le but not move this turn.
If you don’t have an undeployed unit of
the type rolled, instead issue 1 order to
a unit of that type in any section.





Related FAQs

Can reinforcements that appear in woods/buildings battle on that turn?

Yes. A unit that is placed on the battlefield, when called as reinforcements, may battle even if it is placed in a building or woods hex.