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Historical Overview
After an exhausting march and a night of skirmishing with the Federal vanguard, it seemed as though the Texans were finally going to get their first hot meal in weeks. However, at 05:30 the soldiers were ordered to fall in, the Federal forces were approaching. Hancock’s Corps, 1st of the Army of the Potomac, had punched through the front of Lawton’s brigade and advanced without opposition.
The Texans double-timed it up to the front and saw a line of Federal rifles wearing uniforms they had never seen before and sporting a strange hat with a black feather. One of the Confederate troops remarked that they were the same men from Wisconsin that had wiped out several regiments with a bayonet charge a few days earlier. They called themselves the Iron Brigade after that.
The 2nd and 6th Regiments of Wisconsin were at the front of the Iron Brigade. After moving through a small wood they entered a cornfield and were immediately confronted by a charge led by the Texans.
The federal troops prepared to meet the Army of North Virginia’s shock force, the Texas Brigade.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.


Union Player
• John B. Hood
• 6 command cards
• (Optional 5 tactician cards)
• You move first.


12 0 1 3

Confederate Player
• Abner Doubleday
• 2/4 command cards*, see special rules "Surprise"
• (Optional 3 tactician cards)

8 0 0 3

8 Banners
- Dunker Church is a temporary victory objective hex (Turn Start) for the US player.
- The Cornfield is a temporary majority victory objective hex (Turn Start) for both sides, worth 1VP for the US player and 2 VP for the CS player.

Special Rules 

Surprise: The Confederate charge took the Federal vanguard by surprise. The Union player starts with 2 command cards, draw 2 command cards after 1st turn and 2 after 2nd turn, to get the final hand limit of 4 command cards.

Prior Losses: Phelps’ brigade had suffered casualties in their fight against Lawton’s Confederate brigade. Before game start, roll for every INF in Phelp´s Brigade 1 die. If a INF / XSW symbol is rolled, remove 1 figure from this unit.

General HOOD: The brave Confederate general ran across the battlefield spurring on the men of his division. An infantry unit with attached "Hood", may move 1 additional hex and still battle, if eligble of terrain. This additional hex is cumulative to any other command cards (e.g. Force March).

2nd USSS: The Berdan Sharpshooters inflicted numerous casualties among the Confederate officers. If the US player plays a "Sharpshooter" card, he may roll twice. He can repeat a roll/miss on the same General or he may roll on two different Generals.

Federal Reserves: The whole I Corps was used for the attack. Hooker sent out regiment after regiment to try to break the enemy front. At the beginning of each Federal turn, roll 1 die. If an INF symbol is rolled, you may place one of the reinforcements Infantry units on any of the described hexes. If a FLAG symbol is rolled, you may setup General Hartsuff in any of the described hexes.

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kentreuber replied the topic:
9 months 3 days ago
"Union Player" and "Confederate Player" labels in the scenario need to be swapped.
cruces replied the topic:
9 months 4 weeks ago
Correct the generals in the description.
Bayernkini replied the topic:
3 years 4 months ago
Setup with 2mm scale

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