Reference MD04 Little Bighorn

1 month 3 weeks ago #793 by S. A. Gundel
Since I had some mounted and dismounted cavalry and indians leftover from some of my diorama projects, I chose to substitute them for union and confederate figures.  We played the scenario a couple of times.  Some of the rules that we implemented were; 1.)  All soldiers are mounted at the beginning of the game, 2.)  Indian player can determine which of his units are mounted or dismounted, 3.)  When rolling the dice, an infantry figure represents a dismounted figure and a cavalry figure represents a mounted figure when determining hits (we're not sure if that is what the scenario designer intended). and 4.) played that you could mount or dismount your units anytime during the game without penalty.
In any case, the indians always won.

What do you think?

Our main question is about our rule #4, when can you mount or dismount your units and is there a penalty or,....worse yet, must one use a turn to mount or remount?

Thank you.

Steven Gundel


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