Reference to MM04 - Hlobane - 28 March 1879

2 months 1 week ago #791 by S. A. Gundel
Reference to Special Rules; " Each Zulu unit on the baseline requires 2 orders to activate.  This applies only on the baseline."

Example,...if you play a PROBE card that reads, "Order 2 Unit," you can active 1 Zulu unit on the baseline.  I believe this is correctly interpreted?

Now, what happens if you play an ASSAULT card that reads, "Order ALL Units."  Can you activate half of the Zulu units on the baseline?

Thank you.


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2 months 1 week ago #792 by Mark MCG
Probe is correct

Assault is a tricky one, since I had in mind Assault was units up to Command, as it is in the BC150 version

so for Assault card, the Zulu have 5 orders (and a baseline unit costs 2 orders each)

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