"For Union and for Liberty - We´ll all go down to Dixie" - BC with 2mm Scale

2 weeks 2 days ago #703 by Bayernkini
After enough years with C&CNapoleonics and my other ACW project "Altar of Freedom" with 2mm,
now im am back to my favorite "C&C" game.
Battlecry was, is and will be always the best CC variant, because of there simplicity.

With the AoF project i have still used Irregular Miniatures, but now i going on with the 3D-Print files pack from
Forward March Studio

For the basic infantry i used following miniature files.

For the Union flag base

And for the Rebels flag base

Painted they looks like those now

For the 3D-board i use wooden hexagons, 60mm wide (flat to flat) and 3mm thick.
The wooden hexagons have a few groups of trees, to have still enough space for the miniatures.
The "Farmstead" hexagon is still shown with central european town buildings, until i get the more north american farm style buildings.

Here a first overview of a complete hexagon board. I think, i will add more roads for a better comprehensive view.

More detail pics to get a first impression

My dice are the hell!

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1 week 6 days ago #704 by Ankou

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