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150th Civil War Anniversary Edition Credits

Game Design & Development: Richard Borg
Additional Playtesting: Dave Arneson, Jeff Borg, Sandra Borg, George Carson, Rik Fontana, Kevin Frankfother, Robert Granger, Roy Grider, Brett Helgeson, Pat Kurivial, Ted Kurivial, Steve Malecek, Grant Malecek, Bill Massey, Steve May, Paul Miller, Wayne Minton, John Nichols, Steve Niedergeses, Doug O’Connell, Stan Oien, Mike Panko, Jeff Paszkiwicz, John Pritchard, Anthony Ricardi, Louis Rotundo, Bob Santiago, Ken Sommerfield, Rick Thomas, and Dan Van Horn
Editing: Bill McQuillan

Art Direction: Ryan Sansaver
Cover Illustration: William O’Connor
Graphic Design: Leon Cortez
Cartography: Mike Schley
Photography: Allison Shinkle

Brand Management: Brian Hart
Project Management: Neil Shinkle
Production Management: Godot Gutierre

Thanks to all of our project team members and the many others too numerous to mention who have contributed to this product.


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