Construct Fieldworks

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Place up to 3 fi eldwork tokens
on diff erent non-waterway hexes
occupied by your units. (Th ose units
may not move or batt le this turn.)
If no fi eldwork tokens are available,
instead issue 1 order a unit of your
choice in any section.





Related FAQs

Can Cavalry and artillery units in the BC:150 edition use Construct Fieldworks card to place a Fieldworks token in its hex?


Do Fieldworks remain in place once a unit leaves them?


Do the BC:150 edition rules still state that once an attack is coming from the side or behind the Fieldworks (they) offer no protection?


Can two (or more) Field Works be built in the same hex?

The Construct FieldWorks text reads “... Place a Fieldworks token on three different non-waterway hexes occupied by your units...” Therefore if you are lucky and get the Construct Fieldworks card twice in a game, you may build your fort that covers 4 sides of the hex.

May a unit elect to build an Entrenchment with the Construct Fieldworks card instead?

The Construct Fieldworks card only allows the building of a hasty defensive position, Fieldworks, not Entrenchments.

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