PJ01 - First Battle of Tuyuti - 24 May 1866

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PJ01 - First Battle of Tuyuti

24 May 1866

Historical Overview
The bloodiest battle ever fought in South America took place on the marshy plain of Tuyuti in southwest Paraguay. The Paraguayans launched a surprise attack in three columns against the invading Allied armies of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.
When the attack began, the Allied center began to be pushed back. However, Col. Emilio Mallet had ordered the construction of a large moat in front of his artillery pieces. When the Paraguayan onslaught reached it, they were halted in grapeshot range. They tried to circle around but were stopped by Antonio Sampaio’s 3rd Infantry Division. When Osório ordered his reserves to attack, the Paraguayans in the center were repelled. 
First Tuyuti, Latin America’s Waterloo 24 May 1866 On the Allied left, the Paraguayans forced back the few Brazilian defenders.
Osório reinforced the Brazilian lines with various units, finally committing General Mena Barreto’s 2nd Cavalry Division. Nevertheless, the valiant Paraguayans, unwilling to surrender, pressed the attack and were soon annihilated. In the Argentine sector on the right, the Paraguayan cavalry under Gen. Resquin routed the Argentine cavalry, though this small victory was not enough to shift the outcome of the battle.
After four vicious hours of battle, both sides had taken enormous casualties, but the Paraguayans had taken the worst of it. Their army was destroyed.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.


Set-Up Order

Woods xx
Hills xx


Paraguay Army
• José E. Díaz
• 6 command cards
• You move first.



Triple Alliance Army
• Bartolomé Mitre / Manuel Luis Osório / Venancio Flores
• 4 command cards


6 Banners
• Each time the discard pile is reshuffled, the Allied Player gains a Flag token.

Special Rules
• Marsh Tiles; Use the river rules for it


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