MD10 - Peiwar Kotal - 2 December 1878

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Historical Overview
The Battle of Peiwar Kotal was fought on 28–29 November 1878 between British forces under Sir Frederick Roberts and Afghan forces under Karim Khan, during the opening stages of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The British were victorious, and seized the strategic Peiwar Kotal Pass leading into Afghanistan.
More Informations see Wikipedia.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Set-Up Order

Woods x
Hills x


British Troops
General Frederick Roberts
6 Command cards
Move First



Afghan Tribes
Karim Khan
4 Command cards


6 Banners

Special Rules 

- Cross sabers hits only in melee
- For each destroyed Afghan ART, the Afghan player loose a command card, up to limit 2.  The Afghan player choose one random card to discard from his hand. 

British Army:

- British Highlanders: The british redcoat with bearskin at the right flank may ignore 1 flag and hits also on XSW .
- Horse Artillery: The british horse artillery may move 0-1 and battles with  4-3-2-1  or move 2 and no battle.

Afghan Army:

- Tribes with swords:  - Strength 5 figures - Move 0-1 and battle 3-2-1 OR move 2 without battle
- Tribes with muskets:  - Strength 4 figures - Move 1 and battle 3-2-1 OR don´t move and battle 4-3-2-1

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