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MD09 - Ali Masjid - 21 November 1878

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Historical Overview
The Battle of Ali Masjid, which took place on 21 November 1878, was the opening battle in the Second Anglo-Afghan War between the British forces, under Lieutenant-General Sir Samuel James Browne, and the Afghan forces, under Ghulam Haider Khan. The perceived offence of an Afghan general's refusal to allow a British envoy entrance to the country was used as an excuse to attack the fortress of Ali Masjid, as the opening battle in the war. Despite numerous setbacks, including half the troops getting lost or delayed and missing the battle entirely, the British were lucky that the Afghans abandoned their position overnight.
More Informations see Wikipedia.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.

Set-Up Order

Woods x
Hills x


British Troops
Sir Samuel J. Browne
5 Command cards
Move First



Afghan Tribes
Ghulam Haider Khan, Mir Akhor
5 Command cards



6 Banners

Special Rules 
- Cross sabers hits only in melee 

British Army:
- British units battles with the normal BC rules.

Afghan Army:
- Tribes with swords:   Strength 5 figures - Move 0-1 and battle 3-2-1 OR move 2 without battle
- Tribes with muskets:  Strength 4 figures - Move 1 and battle 3-2-1 OR don´t move and battle 4-3-2-1
- Afghan artillery: Afghan artillery may move OR battles with  4-3-2-1  (represent the wrong ammo, which they used)

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