BW01 Antietam - September 17, 1862

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September 17, 1862

Historical Overview
Having gained a victory at Second Bull Run, Lee struck north toward Maryland. This would enable him to keep the initiative, supply his army from the rich farmlands, and keep the campaign out of Confederate territory. McClellan had over 70,000 troops in the farmland around Sharpsburg. They would greatly outnumber Lee’s army of 35,000. McClellan deployed three corps on his right, another was to engage the Confederates on his left, while two others covered the center and formed the reserve. Lee deployed Jackson on his left flank, with Longstreet covering the center and right flank. Lee hoped to be supported by A. P. Hill’s division marching up from Harper’s Ferry.
The attacks against the Confederate left flank were poorly coordinated. The fighting in the woods and cornfields around Dunker Church was particularly bloody. Casualties had also been heavy along the line of the sunken road, dubbed “Bloody Lane” by those who fought there.
On the Confederate right flank, Burnside finally moved forward. At the height of this crisis, Hill’s division arrived and crashed into Burnside’s formation and forced him to retreat.
With Lee’s left and center sorely punished, McClellan had an opportunity to destroy Lee’s army. McClellan, despite having two fresh corps, chose not to attack further. The following day, Lee’s army remained in place, but McClellan was not inclined to renew the fighting, and Lee was able to withdraw his army across the Potomac. While seen as a Union victory, McClellan had failed to destroy Lee’s army.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.


Set-Up Order

Woods 30
Hills 23
Fences 2 2
Fences 3 2
Field 12
Homestead 1
Town 6
River bridge 3
River bend 6
River straight 13


Union Army
• George B. McCellan
• Take 4 command cards
• You move first.


Infantry  Cavalry  Artillery  General
19 - 4 3

Confederate Army
• Robert E. Lee
• Take 5 command cards.

Infantry  Cavalry  Artillery  General
14 1 6 2

12 Flags

Special Rules
Sunken Road (represented by fence tiles): Apply the general rules of fences except battle.
Battle: When attacking units on a sunken road hex, reduce the battle dice by 2 for attacks crossing the protected hexsides.

Antietam Creek is impassable, except at the bridge hexes.

Breakthrough Map rules
One (or two Standard Card decks) and modified Rules similar Memoir44 Breakthrough.

Some cards allows additonal units anywhere on the board to move, but only to move, not battle.
These cards shows the "on the move" lettering and the number of additional units, which may be ordered,
Attack cards = "+1 on the move",
Probe cards = "+2 on the move",
Scout cards = "+2 on the move".

On the Move may be ordered in ANY section of the battlefield. They move as normal, but may not battle this turn.

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