The 3 Home Rules

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Hello, First congrats to Alessandro & Michael for giving life to all thoses C&C Websites! OK: I won't fall (again) in the trap of the guy jumping into a new game and after a few battles wanting to change everything. Also it may destroy the flavor of this easy game wanted by the creator and it could break a balance establish between the rules and the cards. But I did played it a lot long time ago and used successfully those 3 home rules that do not change the value of the cards nor the spirit of the game.

  1. The sabers only hit in melee. The generals can still be hit at range with sabers.
  2. The generals make any unit on their hex and on any adjacent hex ignore a flag.
  3. The generals make any unit on their hex and on any adjacent hex take ground.

I think my propositions 2 & 3 may be also interesting for the following reasons: It makes the generals slightly more important because they REALLY were in ACW! The two advantages given ALLREADY EXIST in the official rules, so nothing really new added. And thoses two advantages (ignoring flag and taking ground) given to adjacent troops do not unbalance nothing because they aren't very powerful: In the first case you can't battle back and in both cases you are never sure to have cards to order any action with the same units when it's your turn! The players will try to place their generals more naturally IN THE MIDDLE or BEHIND their formations instead of the sides with the usual support/ignore rule! The players will SEPARATE their generals to make their capacity more useful witch is not the case with the official rules (the players was obliged to place them on adjacent units during important attacks)! Those generals will actually be placed in the middle of formations in LINES because the official rule without support/ignore (which I propose to follow) tend the players to attack in lines or separate lines (like it was) instead of the middle-age triangles which do not provide any support here! If to make a triangle with angle first anyway: The player will put the general ON THE FRONT UNIT for them not to retreat! Making then the leader more heroic and realistic! OK I know: If attacking with a triangle bottom first: the player will tend to put the general on the back unit ... But even if in the back: HIS POSITION WILL STILL BE BEAUTIFULLY AND LOGICALY CENTRAL! In the middle of their troops as must be a good leader! So the main result will still tend to be LINES OF 3 UNITS ATTACKING OR DEFENDING WITH THEIR INFLUENT LEADER IN THE MIDDLE!

Enjoy it !