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After playing a number of games of Battle Cry at the gathering our group game up with changes to two cards. The goal of these changes it to 'flatten' the card power distribution.

All-Out Assault:
Current - Activate all of your units.
Revised - Activate any four units (Independant of region)
Reason - Simply put, over half the stories I heard about plays of this game involved this card. It is at least twice as powerful as the next strongest card in the game. Activate any four gives it a unique ability and leaves it as the most powerful card in the game.

Current - Activate one unit in a given region (region written on card).
Revised - Activate one unit anywhere.
Reason - Skirmish is just too weak as written. It is the 4th most powerful version of the same card (Activate All, 3, 2, or 1 in a region). It is also less common in the deck than the activate 2 or 3 versions. The revision still leaves it slightly less powerful than a Probe (move any 2) IMHO, but it brings it very close. Plus the increased versitility makes it more interesting.

Overall Battle Cry is a fantastic game. It has a lot of luck, but with these card changes I found the luck to be fun rather than frustrating.

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