JM01 Nashville - December 15-16, 1864

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Nashville (Tennessee)

December 15-16 1864

Historical Overview
The Battle of Nashville was a two-day battle in the Franklin-Nashville Campaign that represented the end of large-scale fighting in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. It was fought at Nashville, Tennessee, on December 15–16, 1864, between the Confederate Army of Tennessee under Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood and Federal forces under Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas. In one of the largest victories achieved by the Union Army during the war, Thomas attacked and routed Hood's army, largely destroying it as an effective fighting force.
The stage is set, the battle lines are drawn, and you are in command. The rest is history.


Set-Up Order

Woods xxx
Hills xxx
Fences 1 xxx
Fences 2 xxx
Fences 3 xxx
Field xxx
Homestead xxx
Orchard xxx
Rough xxx
Town xxx
River bridge xxx
River bend xxx
River bend xxx
River pond xxx
River straight xxx
Fieldwork xxx
Entrenchment xxx


Union Army
George H. Thomas
Take 5 Command Cards
You move first

Infantry  Cavalry  Artillery  General

Confederate Army
J.B. Hood
Take 5 Command Cards


Infantry  Cavalry  Artillery  General

6 Flags

Special Rules
Fort Negley (marked hex with blue border): Cannons at Fort Negley cannot move. Firing on Fort Negley reduces die by 1.

Redoubts cannot move.

Both parts of Cumberland River are impassable

Sudden Death: If the CS captures the Nashville Town hex, the CS wins game immediately.


Tags: Banners: 6, Unofficial, Army: Union, Army: Confederate, Special: Sudden Death VP

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