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Warriors (W)

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Roman Roman Roman Roman Roman Roman Roman Roman
Warriors Warriors Warriors Warriors Warriors Warriors Warriors Warriors
2 (+2) 3 2 1 (+3) 1 (+3) 9 1 1


Move 1 / 2
Fire Range
Fire Dice
Close Combat
may / must
CC Dice
4* / 3
Ignore 1 flag*, 1flag if supported
CC Special
sword hits
Evade CC
Momentum advance, may battle
Special Rules
* until combat after its first loss



  • They weaken and they run, but they are powerful if they attack first. They also have lots of punch and lots of range (charge) if they attack when they are fresh.
  • Warriors charging is all very well but unlike cavalry they sometimes have trouble retiring alive, as after a charge they tend to find themselves first outnumbered and then dead shortly after. So don't let Warriors turn into banners for the enemy. All these units types must be brought into action together as soon as possible.

See unit related FAQ here.

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